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Okay , so in that list you can see Fifa20, which is the best selling game in Europe period. The other 8 titles are freaking selling like hotcakes as well. Outselling all of them is common to you? I can see only one more game doing this performance and its Cyberpunk2077. Hell with you narrative, GOT should beat all those 8 games combined this month upon release. Have no doubt it will sell extremely well, but beating all those 8 combined... lmao.

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TLOUp2 will probably win the most and the internet sheeps will go crazy lol WATCH.

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Please, as much as I loved part2, let them build a new IP.

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LMAO. The website name speaks for itself.

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Imagine ND dropping the multiplayer with this level of graphics, smooth animation and tight gameplay all running on 60 FPS. I bet you even the haters will jump on board!

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I'd say Uncharted 4 : 10
Persona 5: 10
Red dead : 10

TLOU2: 9.5(No multiplayer...)
GOW: 9.5(Kratos still feel 1 dimensional)

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So UNDERRATES!! Easily my top 5 exclusive

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I mean the title is "The last of us".
Its genius they ended this franchise on this note. They should move on to new IP

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Not surprised if Sony announce 5 million sold in first 3 days.

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Most gamers are sheeps anyway. They cannot accept other people's opinion.
Just accept the game is great or not and move on!

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Agreed but where are the games?
Do they have a single studio better than Naughty Dog? Let alone other first parties Sony owns?
Do they have genius creatives like Neil or Cory?
Answer that first than I'll be convinced.

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Actually I might try this game out and get second hand feeling of Fed ex delivery man

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Clap.clap clap.

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Well it's more based on his previous game. When everybody was worshiping Witcher 3 in 2015, I was one of those few that was blown away by MGSV. Anyhow, however the contract went between Kojima and Sony, as a customer, Kojima just leaving bad impression as he got all the supports from Sony but apparently he is releasing his game on other platform. That's why I ain't buying this unless it gets above 90 on MC.

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Sorry for being toxic, but I'm kinda salty about this.

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My hype just dies as well. Knowing it's not Sony exclusive, I'll have to see if it scores 90 or higher or else it is a second hand or never for me.

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