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Ubisoft PLEASE just give us another Splinter Cell already! 😫

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I'd bet those people down voting didn't even give it a shot. You're right, it's the best one in recent memory.

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2023 apparently 😂

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Minus the cell shading, pretty much. Did you play Heat though? I actually enjoyed it.

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NFS Heat from a few years back was surprisingly good and fun to play! If you can get it dirt cheap, I recommend it.

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Hardcore Mode is the major missing feature, because not everyone enjoys emptying an entire clip into someone...only for them to kill you with two bullets. I did hear they'll add it mid-November though...

Another annoyance is dead silence only being a temporary perk that only activates for a short while, leaving the game with ridiculously loud footsteps and ultimately destroying half the fun and pace of Search & Destroy.

Most major gripes are co...

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No there isn't, don't be ridiculous. Leaking video game footage and be commiting terrorism are two different things.

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If it's not between $400-$500, I'll be shocked. Meta raised the price of the Oculus Quest 2 by $100 just this past week to (starting at) $399. 🤷🏻

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Definitely better than the last one.

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"By having three tiers you can get the PS4 and PS5 games which are what most people want for less that it would cost if it was two tiers."

Nice punctuation. Please explain how having 2 tiers would cost more for games than 3 tiers. 🤔 I'm lost.

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I seem to be in the minority (on here especially) of gamers that's excited for this. Seeing this game remade for the ps5 is exactly what I've been hoping for. Can't wait to replay this after almost a decade! 🙌🏼

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YOU + aRE = *You're

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Take about having a terrible take. Name 10 better studios, not even 29, I'll wait.....

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Journey is truly worth a try sometime 👌🏻

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What a great idea, this would be fantastic!

"11. Dynamic Maps with Weather and Night/Day Cycles
This is something that Call of Duty never dared to explore. It would help make the maps feel less repetitive. Having a weather system that sometimes is cloudy, other times is a little rainy and others sunny will be amazing and refreshing for the franchise."

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Do you think it might eventually be DLC?

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They'll be doing "Pro" models every 3 years from now on, don't worry :)

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The older I get, the more I appreciate the 15-hour single-player story games. 🤷‍♂️ So bring it on!

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Must've missed the 360/ps3 days on here. Xbox fanboys were like a 3:1 ratio at least lol

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