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If you pair a $400 gpu with an i3, you won’t be getting 60fps in hardly anything because it will almost assuredly bottleneck an i3. Sudden, dramatic, frame-drops, as well as random stuttering would be an issue. You have to go at least i5 to avoid that. Unless you are playing some hardcore indie, unity engine games. Haha.

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Show me God of War running on a 1080ti on ultra settings. That would be the only comparison that would matter. It would make the PS4 Pro version look like a switch title. Native 4K, 60FPS, gsync, Nvidia Hairworks, and all of the AA, AF, and tesselation your heart could desire. I’d actually pay ridiculously good money for that. The game looks so good on the ps4 pro in resolution priority mode, but after playing it in frame priority mode, it’s hard to go back to 30fps. But the graphics aren’t n...

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You guys all seem to forget that just a few weeks ago, an extreme progressive, self-professed "Bernie Bro" (according to his social media footprint) shot a congressman at a softball practice, as well as four others. If you don't consider that extreme left-wing violence, then you are only playing the fool.

Socialism is demonstratively trash and is failing spectacularly in Venezuela, as we speak, right before our very eyes. Source for ...

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I'll give you that. I see that technique being used in more and more VR applications as well. Photogrammetry has promise, it's just a ton of work and still has its jarring side effects. Battlefront and Battlefield at 4K, with a 200% resolution scale, fully maxed out does look lifelife at times, especially Battlefront.

I'd say the real issue holding back games from coming off as truly lifelike is animation. We've got a lot of ground to make up there, but the...

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No, it won't. Not even close. I'm running an i7 7700k at 4.5-5ghz and a 1080ti at 11tflops, and there isn't anything out there yet that's even close to photorealistic. I get that first party console devs, especially Sony, can do some magical things with their graphics engines, but the raw numbers don't equate realism in your display. And besides, everyone has been stressing how powerful doesn't matter. Games do.

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No, the PC version of NBA has better effects across the board. On PS4 Pro, all kinds of effects (like reflections) are barely there. Not even close. Try again!

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3 of the top 4 articles' comment sections are Playstation fanboys hating on the other two consoles. This site is so freaking toxic. If you want 4K, you game on PC. The PS4 Pro is hardly the greatest. Sony isn't the be all, end all of gaming either. Get over yourselves. Jeez. Fanboys are typically unable to afford anything else, so they troll to validate their paltry gaming budget. I bought Horizon. Now it's collecting dust while I play Zelda. Spoiler Alert: Zelda is VASTLY superio...

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But you guys rail on anyone who disagrees that Sony is God-Emperor of all mankind.

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More unarmed whites die at the hands of police. You can debate percentages, but it's over 2-1, whites killed by cops, compared to blacks.

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You project a lot onto people you disagree with. That tactic doesn't work. You are the guy labeling anyone calling this "controversy" nothing, "teenage crackers". LOL.

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Exactly. If you compare reviews on rtings.com, you'll see that they are middle of the pack in HDR, and while the C6 isn't the fastest outside of HDR, it's faster than average. My C6 is faster than the plasmas I've owned, and is slightly faster than the non-HDR Sony 4K I just upgraded from. This is a total non-issue.

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I'm as far from a ps4 fanboy, if you check my post history, and I'm digging the pro so far. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't have access to a 4K display just yet or already own a ps4 (at least not yet), but if you have any interest, and the set-up, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the image quality on a 4K display. It's a noticeable improvement in 4K image quality from the Xbox One S (which is also my UHD Blu-ray player).

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Good looking out. I may be tempted to hook it up anyway, just to see for myself. If, by some miracle, I can rig it to work, I'll let you know. Haha. I'd be okay with it just working with uncharted, to be honest. I'm currently running it on an OLED.

The HDR on ratchet and clank is gorgeous. Whatever 4K upscaling they are using, it's legit. The image is just a tad soft in spots, but it almost appears native. Im fairly impress...

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Do you know if it will output to a native 1440 monitor? I don't feel like moving the pro to test it. Haha.

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I have an LG C6 OLED and 4K/HDR is working fine on the pro. It automatically switched to my HDR settings (prompt in the top corner) when Ratchet and Clank launched. Just make sure you turn on the hdmi ultra deep color settings, in the general tab of the menu, for the hdmi input you have the ps4 pro connected to. Downloading The Last of Us, and Uncharted 4 now. But yeah, all good from here. Tried it out just now.

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Vive is the best over all. It can do room scale, and do seated VR. You can also download over 600 Vive-ready apps on steam. And, Fallout 4 VR will fully support the Vive's room-scale next year.

PSVR is a good decision if you are on a budget, and want the easiest to set-up and wear of the 3. The PSVR has solid game support out of the gate, as well. If you can find a PSVR, and already own a PS4, id suggest that just because of the price point. But if money isn't an i...

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Doubt it, but he may be getting pay checks from Codemasters, the way he kept jocking Dirt the entire review.

"Hey guys! I'm reviewing Street Fighter today. Ugh! 90 second timer! Yawn. Smash Bros. really improved its mechanics, and respawning is so much more fun during matches. Street Fighter should have more players, and items, like Smash Bros. What in the hell are rounds? 2/5. Could have used more Mario characters."

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Who gives a damn what Dirt does? Dirt is a moderately sim-like off-road rally racer, while Forza Horizon 3 is an arcade open-world racer. Horizon isn't attempting to be realistic in any meaningful way. Dirt Rally is. It's a terrible comparison.

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Are you the reviewer? You seem to be going out of your way to justify the score. Don't know why you keep comparing this to Dirt. The games are two entirely different takes on racing. Dirt went for more realism with its handling in the recent version. Where Horizon has always been the arcade version of Forza. I'm going to score COD lower because it's not Halo. Get out of here!

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You are wasting your breath. These kids on here can only afford one console, and make it their life's mission to let you know how special that makes them. Haha.

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