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Because I would like intuitive controls. Not ones where I dont play for a week and forget everything.

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Great puzzles, but not exactly a challenging game unless you play on hardest or second hardest.

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I hope the standard isn't traveling for 5 minutes and making someone pay a debt for 2 minutes and traveling back. Also, terrible controls....

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Wow, people were mean on the internet. What a revelation

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I think your caps is broken...

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Xbox cannot use money to buy off their problems. They need to show their care for gaming and not just as a industry for business. Sony has shown they will let their studios take massive risks with huge amounts of creative freedom. With such knowledge they have been able to accumulate large amounts of top tier exclusives while creating new franchises at the same time. It is proven by the words of their developers that while some times they go through hell, Sony is always willing to help th...

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5 Times Twinfinite made a decent article

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Why do you care so much?

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Every time they show more of this game it just stuns me. Every thing they show is drastically different from the next. It is like they are making 100 games at once in just one game, mind blowing.

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When Ghost of Tsushima is more authentic than Total War LUL

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Except the first TLOU the game director said she felt like they made something special AFTER they had made the game. They were unsure at first.

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It only had 2 and a half years to be better (which it isnt imo)

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Nice, be doing that bulletstorm for sure.

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You know it's a good sign when the developer is working on something they are extremely passionate about.

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PC bud

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More details would be nice, like whys and such.

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Remove Titan grinding or whatever it is called

Make shotguns far less viable in MP

Make MP maps better (like, if you want comp then you need good comp maps)

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You got some patience if you can do that and not get any of it spoiled.

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Lack of sales = price cut

If you are so happy with your product why should you be mad you paid full price? It only helps the developer anyways.

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