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Yes to Tatooine. Texas might be cool, but that Mass Effect one has me salivating.

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Agree with a couple. P.T. definitely has raised the bar for scary. I hope Silent Hills turns it up another notch!

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Oh it's about Eminem. He must have an album releasing if he's in the news again.

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Read the article. He says, "Now Destiny isn’t an MMO, but it does have MMO elements." He's just saying it suffers from the same problems MMOs do.

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I like the idea for Outlast. I remember one year at Halloween horror nights they had a mineshaft house where you wore a headlamp. Little things like that make a haunted house unique.

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I don't even know what words to use to describe this game.

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After reading this, I'm gonna buy one. I just have to decide whether I want to wait and see if there's a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal.

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Can you provide clarification? I don't quite follow what you're saying.

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From what I gather the big gun was caused by a bug. But you're right. Bad Juju in Destiny takes up my whole screen

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Those bugs don't sound good. But at least there's a month left before launch. Still gonna buy it.

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That Theon Greyjoy reference.

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The hub is a reason to play it? And what does Online mean... the game is always online. Why does it get a 10 for online?

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If I could buy a higher chance for my purples to be purples i'd do it.

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I'd argue that there are people more hated than she is. The president is pretty hated by every single right winger.

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Isn't this the same guy that said PC is dying and consoles are thriving a few months back?

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Fine review. But I'll still wait for it to go on sale.

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I feel like all CheatCC does is take opinion pieces from other sites and then try to make a grab at traffic piggybacking off success. And what's up with their font?

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Did Donte Stallworth and Josh Brent get removed from Madden? I believe Brent is serving a suspension for his charges, but i'm not sure if he's in the game because he's still on the Dallas Cowboys.

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This game is going to be amazing.

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Take it for what it is and don't expect the world from it and you might enjoy it. It isn't ground breaking. Just solid.

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