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First of all....it's probably not cancelled.

That being said, if it were...I simply wouldn't buy the game. The delay killed a ton of the hype I had for the game, and while my PC could smash what the PS4 could do with the game, I planned on getting the Wii U version from Day 1. Pretty much in love with the Gamepad.

Removing the only version I care about, would ensure Ubi doesn't get my $60

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Well said dude, haha. Read my reply to the author above for a classic Ricard Rant.

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If Nintendo is "bleeding" what the hell are Sony and Microsoft doing.....gushing?

MS loses $2 billion a year on the Xbox brand and Sony lost somewhere between $6-$8 billion on the PS3...while the Vita continues to flop around not to mention Sony as a whole has some SERIOUS money issues right now.

Nintendo on the other hand, hasn't even lost a total of a billion (USD) when you add up their last 2 years of operating losses and the projected loss f...

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I have my Wii U for the Nintendo classics....and a gaming PC for everything else.

3DS for handheld gaming of course.

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It's more of, "Hey MS.....Japan isn't worth your time and will ONLY result in financial losses. You have next to no market share or even mind share in Japan. A console that has sold poorly outside of the holiday season is about to surpass the lifetime (8 years) sales of your last venture...in just over 1 year."

Simply because MS has the money to throw around, doesn't mean they should. If they don't throw a ton of resources into marketing in Japan, th...

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They could put out a console that has the equivalent of 2 i5 4670's and two 7990's and it wouldn't matter. It would still be "Lol Nintendo is for kids."

The Gamecube did more at launch than the Xbox did in its lifetime, mostly because Factor 5 was insane...but still. Did it matter? No...because Nintendo "is for kids"

Selling games for Sony/MS...while keeping the handheld business........that doesn't even make sense. From an...

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It's something closer to $10bn...before you take assets into account. They also have 0 debt. ;)

If them losing a few hundred million a couple years in a row means they should quit the hardware business...Sony and MS should have dropped out a long time ago...seeing as they lost around $6bn each with their last gen systems. MS has lost even more overall when you factor in the original Xbox.

Even if the Wii U only reaches Gamecube levels, Nintendo will ride ...

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I did the exact same thing. I have already spent around 300 hours on my 360 and bought all the DLC...but I recently bought a new PC and got the Legendary Edition on Steam for like..$26. Now I just need to wait for my PC to arrive, haha.

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They've also stated that the car on the teaser site is an in-game model. Something along the lines of them being too small to waste time on a target render type image. It's buried in their twitter feed somewhere. *shrug*

Day 1 for me. I've been playing a bunch of the original F-Zero lately so this will definitely hold me over until there is a new game in the franchise....IF there is one anyway.

Either way...Shin'en is about to melt some eyebal...

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Can't exactly take that .4% as fact though since it was a number based on what was in consumers hands at the time. When Yoshida said it, the console hadn't even officially launched yet, so to extrapolate it to the entire launch population and compare it to post-launch failure rates of the last generation is disingenuous.

Could be less, could be more, could be exactly right. We won't know for sure what the failure rate is until these things have been put through th...

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It's more about how they got on the stage and didn't mention that Witcher 3 was going to be on anything but the X1. They could have easily said, "Available on the Xbox One and other platforms next year"

Or...they could have stood their ground and not put the game on the X1 at all (pre-DRM reversal of course). Ideals mean nothing if you don't stand by them.

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If Nintendo is putting out games that look as good as Pikmin 3 and 3D World while they are "having issues"....I can only imagine what they will bring when they get a full grasp on everything.

I believe what Nintendo (it may have been Miyamoto and not Iwata...but I'm not sure) said about HD development is that it was more difficult than they anticipated...

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@Lowsnamebrand and I guess @EcoSos3 too

Nintendo did indeed have a sort of remote play before anyone else. It was called the GameBoy Player.

You would plug it into the SNES, put the GB cart in, and play on the big screen. Then, when you were ready to go on the road, you would take out the cart and continue your game on the GameBoy.

It may have been that you were playing portable games on the big tv instead of the other way around, but Nintend...

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It's funny to me that they are probably the most anti-DRM developer in the industry at the moment...but got on stage at the MS press event at E3 to promote Witcher 3 on X1...BEFORE the DRM 180 happened.

Makes you think a little doesn't it...

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So is this...

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And before the bump dips too low, 3D World will release along with retail versions of Wii Fit U which will help maintain sales.What will really help will be the holidays. Japan doesn't have either of the other two new consoles releasing until next year and there will be a new Mario game for the Wii U.

It's a bit ridiculous what Mario can bring to a system. NSMBU was basically THE reason the Wii U sold as well as it did at launch and 3D Land was a major factor in the 3...

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Not only that...but even a mod was kind of "meh...whatever" about the stuff he had been shown.


The number ratios make sense as far as tech goes, and the numbers have been speculated before....but what the mod was given can't prove it so he just allows it. Usually when things like that happen (no proof for rumors)...peop...

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Wii Party U did sell pretty decently for a console game in Japan...but that isn't exactly what drove sales.

Nintendo released like....4 new bundles in Japan last week. It's also the reason why sales had dipped so low. Why buy the system when you know crazy bundles are on their way?

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Yeah....they've said that if Nintendo offered them F-Zero, they would decline because they want to make a name for themselves first. I'm guessing that would apply to any Nintendo franchise too.

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They once said on Twitter that if Nintendo offered them F-Zero they would be honored, but decline.

They want to make their own legendary game first before tackling something like that. Whatever it is they are making, I'm hyped for it. It'll actually take advantage of the hardware unlike Nano Assault Neo (by their own admittance).....brand new engine, tesselation, optimized, use more than 1 CPU core.

Possibly 1080p/60fps if we are lucky considering t...

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