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There are plenty of both on the product page, linked at the bottom of the article!

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As far as the "ofc its a Hentai game!" comment, I was well aware of it being an H-game. You can even see where I include a definition of nukige at the top of the article. The question posed in the article title is that of "is it a good introduction to hentai/nukige?" which I rather think it is, given the various types of hentai included. It is a bit like a sampling of all sorts.

Also, no, I have not really been exposed to the world of nukige yet, something...

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No, it is on PC currently and is also planned for Xbox 360.

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Yeah, I completely agree!

With Age of Empires 2:HD, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, and now Rise of Nations: Extended Edition announced, it isn't too much to believe that'll happen, actually.

If it gets released, I hope it gets mod manager support like AoM and some proper retexturing.

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