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Burnout Paradise is a fully downloadable game with single player AND multiplayer.

Oh, and Shadowrun which was published by Microsoft Game Studios was MULTIPLAYER only.

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Sad... really sad that this is posted on a NEWS site.

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Gamedaily is an epic failed website. Who goes there anyways?

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Thats funny, because the ONE Xbox that I own has RROD FIVE times!

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Good list - would have added some of my own personal favorites (Siren, Hot Shots, Pixel Junk Eden) but it was solid overall.

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Mattrick is such a douchebag. I'm really starting to hate that guy. If you want to see how a CEO should act, look at Jack Tretton! He doesn't say anything bad about his competitors, in fact he has stated that if the competition does well then that means the whole industry benefits and that is a good thing!

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Who is DailyGame? Lame article...

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Damn you N'Gai you dirty tease!

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The PS3 can sync up to the PC, has game demos, PS1, PSN, and PSP games for download, has a better video chat functionality (up to 6 people), and voice chat and IM. So from you list the only things the PS3 doesn't have (or have a comparable) are:

arcade demos
downloadable HD movies

Wow, is it ever great?

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His worst review yet...

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Why the hell is this posted as news? I hate sarcastic gamer...

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Those stickers are not on the games, but the hard cases that are there for security which the store reuses. So if an employee put that sticker on the case when it held... oh, I don't know, maybe a stick of RAM, then the RAM was sold and the case was put on the game, thats how you end up with the stickers on the games. What kind of idiot would think that Best Buy would actually offer a service like this? What a terrible news posting. Bad job N4G contributers. Bad job.

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Boll continues to secure investors for the rights to future video-game-to-movie adaptations. His investors are mostly German. He carefully secures the rights for potential future adaptations, afterwards doing all of the actual production himself, and finishes the product.

Movies directed by Boll have performed modestly to poorly at the domestic box office. House of the Dead (budget: $12 million) broke $5.73 million on opening weekend,[4] Alone in the Da...

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I live in Toronto and have been happily watching the videegame industry boom here as I finish up my degree in game design ;)

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I don't think that anyone would claim that the PS3 is of a lesser quality hardware wise - it's just the the thing has no games to play on it.

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Just a note for those people who think that the missions are pointless and don't help the assassination.

Every bit of information can be viewed from the start menu, through the memory log, and you know all those maps and letters you've pickpocketed - you can read those too. Now, why Ubisoft didn't, y'know, tell anyone about this throughout the game is beyond me! But they are there, and you can see them!!

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It's impossible for somebody to review something without giving their opinion. That's a total oxymoron.

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The title of this article is totally wrong. He didn't say anything about reviewers being paid off. Man, gamesblow is just aching to post some stuff so people will feel better about all the low scores the "AAA" titles from Sony are getting.

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