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A sweet middle between DQIX's 800 hours completion and 50 hours would be nice.

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May very well be the shortest DQ ever then.

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I wouldn't call the week of Persona 5 quiet but ok...

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There are some skins that are not palette swaps :

They were just not available on public servers in the beta (Private servers with bots had those)

Ps4 ran smoothly on my side, never more than 1-2 minutes queue times! :)

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Totally love the game, both PvE and PvP. Preordered! :)

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"The levels include forests, villages, towns, cities and even a cats bowel!"


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They go well together tbh.

Duscae gives a good feel of, you know, real missions and battles and exploration, leveling, camping, etc.

Platinum gave a good feel of the "Fantasy" aspect of FF XV, with magics, creative level design etc.

Both played together gel well.

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Imo, both Duscae and Platinum should be played to get a good feel of the game.

I feel sorry for those that can only play one or the other, as they only gel very well when played together...

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Some people will pay full price, others will wait for discounts. It's all a matter of who this game appeals to.

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Oh boy I didn't read that headline the way it was intended.

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Biofreaks and Mace: The dark age are two fighters I really miss.

Also, a new Clayfighter would be awesome!

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My problem with XIII's linearity is that there's no element of danger to it.

One series that does rigid linearity really well is Persona. You are pretty much forced to go on with the story, so you have to make really sure you're ready before it's too late.

For XIII, something that could have helped is actually being chased by soldiers. Like if you spend too much time in an area, well stronger soldiers will come looking for you and make the gam...

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Where did you get that info? I can't find that in the article?

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Bah, I don't agree. Lots of folks enjoyed the games.

They were not the best, but they were far from unplayable and broken. They were not what fans expected, but that doesn't mean they were bad games.

Me, I had a good time with all three games. I recognize they have flaws, but in no way do I believe they were bad games.

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Ps4! And 3ds. Strange Journey and IV were both excellent.

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If it never achieved fame, why are we still talking about it when it came out years ago?

Not saying they're the best games ever, but famous they certainly are.

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I came here for the comments and I'm satisfied

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Was someone really paid to write that?

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Dragon Quest? Uh? It's like the biggest jrpg juggernaut after FF...

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It's been a while since we last got any news from p5. :(

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