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Chill. All these comments that are getting to you are just manifestations of insecurity and frustration.

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Reading IGN's review, it is quite clear that the brilliance and beauty of Forza 2 - the physics, mechanics, details, customisation options and realistic driving experience - are likely to be lost to non car-enthusiasts. If you cannot find the "spark of energy" and "soul" and "charm" in the cars themselves, then truly, there is no common ground. Burnout Revenge, PGR3, Test Drive Unlimited, all decently fun driving games in their own rights, do not even come clos...

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CaliGamer, I don't recall as much of promises of potential being made, whether with regard to games or the processing power or the graphics capabilities, when the 360 just launched. The games rolled out and people judged the 360 on its real merits.

I'm giving the PS3 time as well to distinguish itself so that I can have reason to purchase it. It is not as if PS3 was any worse than 360 at their beginning months, but PS3 launching late had a lot of catching up to do. But until...

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Only in your mind, seeing how GT5 is still nowhere in sight.

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If you read the blog, it also talks about how porting a game from one console to another increases production costs.

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The blog was a good read, not just on the PS3 dilemma and 360 sales underperforming, but also the insight into how Wii's success with the non-gamers might affect the entire gaming industry.

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Just a perspective from someone outside of US who has never been a console gamer until "next-gen" came along.

I bought a new home and a HDTV (1080i) to go with it.

Knowing next to nothing about consoles, I bought a 360 at USD400 because it was first out with a lot of hype, and it looked sweet on HDTV. Price wasn't a consideration at all at this point in time as I was new to consoles and this was the first next-gen console. If 360 had been USD600, I wo...

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I was a little disappointed with the graphics of Forza 2 demo because it wasn't a leap from PGR3. Then I heard about how GTHD was supposed to be photo realistic and that dampened my impression of the graphics of Forza 2 demo even more. But now looking at these videos, I must say I'm equally unimpressed with GTHD. I guess photo realistic is not going to be available till next next gen.

Driving mechanics on the other hand, I can say the limited Forza 2 demo already shows a lo...

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Yes, I was disappointed with the graphics because I had expected a bigger leap from PGR3. But if you love driving, this is the game for you. The driving mechanics on the demo speak for themselves that this is a great great driving simulator. Once you start playing the game rather than just seeing it, the gameplay really overwhelms the graphics. I may not have pushed an RX8, DC5 or Scooby as hard in real life, but taking a bend RWD, FWD and AWD in game feels just about right.

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Graphics look about like PGR3. Not quite as good as the screenies suggest. Could be an early build, but that's speculation. A letdown. And I miss the in-car view of PGR3.

Driving mechanics are superb. The feel of each car is different and spot on. A much, much better drive than PGR3.

Engine and screeching sounds are fantastic. And that's all that matters in a driving game imo.

I don't see the damage - I think it isn't included in the demo. ...

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Is this game coming to the PS3?

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This might well be great news for next gen 3D modelling or whatever, but if it takes 3 PS3s to achieve what is shown, the question is whether ray tracing is viable for creating games in the near future.

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Saw VF5 in action and can't say I was impressed by the graphics. Environments are inferior to DOA4 and character models are too plasticky. Still, I will be getting it when it is released for 360. I'm sure the gameplay will be > DOA.

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Isn't the surge in the sales of Blu-ray discs accounted for by the launch of PS3(which was Sony's strategy)? I'm sure that the million or so PS3 owners would also have picked up a Blu-ray disc or two just to max out their investments.

I'm not quite sure that taking the statistics of disc sales at this point in time is quite reflective of which next-gen format is going to dominate the mainstream market. Truth is, much of the world has yet to have contact with true HD. I'm mor...

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It is funny what you say about Blu-ray being "put in for games" but in the same breath compare Toshiba HD-DVD sales to the PS3. Common sense will tell you that the latter was precisely Sony's strategy - Sony was using PS3 as a platform for the initial push of Blu-ray - the movie player and not Blu-ray - the gaming format.

With the PS3, Sony was hoping to kill two birds with one stone. Dominating the console war with the PS brand and dominating the format war with th...

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Be fair. The PS3 has only just launched with severe shortages, so it is quite pointless comparing sales figures at this point in time.

However, I must say that this news isn't surprising at all. It is the direct consequence of Sony letting Microsoft have a full year's headstart at next-gen gaming. I don't know what was going through Sony exec's minds, but it is crazy to think that game developers would just ignore a larger installed base of next gen gamers. In fact, I will ...

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Where I am, in local currency, 360 games are on average $69, Wii $89 and PS3 $99. So we're really not complaining about the price of 360 games.

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And did anyone notice that 360's Sonic scored better than PS3's? Weird.

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So what do the naysayers of Wii have to say now? It is simple logic, lowest price point plus good fun for all ages equals best-selling next gen console. Not necessarily the best console for gamers, but defintely the one that will most successfully reach out to the masses.

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EA is a financially shrewd company. They have been singing praises about PS3's potential way before it was launched, although they knew that their games on PS3 would look about the same as those on 360. They have gone out of their way to assure gamers that the PS3 will, in the future, be good. And even now, they are giving gamers hopes about what's to come. Like I said, EA is shrewd.

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