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.......your creepy..

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dident sony already say the ps3 wont be much more powerful then the ps3?

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u do no uinsulted ur beloved sony right...there japanese 2

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lol the arguent here about lil nubs and slide pads are funny i think the 3ds slide pad feels great i havent tried the vitas i do know the psps side pad sucks and i not to found of the ps3s anologs very clicky and popy outy i lke wiis nunchuck gamecubes and xbox 360s so all set sonys prob cus i dislike anolog sticks on the bottom

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is it me or this is a sony fanboy bodcast instead of a gamer podcast :/

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wait so nintendo bein the first to release glasses free 3d on a handheld is noting but sony haveing 3g that is useless on the vita good? wtf oh yaah and u said and wifi.......ds had wifi phones had 3g and wifi ninendo is the first portable 3d machine the others fallowed sony wasent the first in anything mayeb the first to add 2 anolog sticks on a hand held ooh yeah and there so much lack of compation that the 3ds is selling 92 k and the vita 12k thats some lack of compatition lol!! exsuse my ...

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really the psp dident do bad at all i dono why they use this as an exscuse

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4 swords

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sounds lile the lil issue the 3ds had really no biggie

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are u on something? and i see soy gettign whooped in the handheld department :/ so wut r u speaking of?

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i dont think they should be desprete why would they be? that was a akwerd comment

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yeah to bad they tryed that with mh on 360 and that failed prob cus those gamers only care about fps and thats it

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all is good but the story XD

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more gun games meh....

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i hope you are aware tha call of duty looks like a ps2 game lol bad colors pixaly ah man and those dogs lolol those dogs look amazeing talk aotu dream cast at its finest

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just to let uno unchared and sony games dont even sell that well o0 and lest be honest whos gona reeber drake in 20 years not me

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no not to me lol i dont care for wipe out i can get rayman on my 3ds ps3 and 360 and prob the wii and yeah i wish der is no fps out on he vita id be much more happy

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U HAVE BAD TATSE IN GAMES HEN IF U ONLU LIKE KINDOM HEARTS AND POKEON wow wth r u playiong on psp then? kindom hearts turned into dynasty warriors and pokemon is eh.

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i have a qustion to those vita owners how well does it fit in ur pocket?

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some bj giver lol 3ds disgn bad? if u sk me ghe vitas desin sucks why u may ask?
1. you cant buy a vita without a case why? cus it will get messed up in ur pocket screen and anolog sticks so it should of came wit a free case.
2 those anolog sticks can be pushed in so it can be caryed around. wit the 3ds u can fold i slip it in ur pocket and ur good

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