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Damn it, triple post!

Oh well, as proven, there's nothing educated about conspiracy theorists.

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They are just as crazy as creationists

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Here are debunks of the thermitic material "hypothesis" by a scientist:

Also, where's the evidence of the conspi...

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It's nasim!! iron_sheik = Nasim.

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PS3 has uncharted, no need for gears

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"I think it's a right slap in the face to have a game so long in development as GT 5 and yet only be able to show off 200MB of it in the demo."

Slap in the face? The only ones saying it's a "slap in the face" are 360 fanboys (no surpise here). I don't blame them though, after the "slap in the face" that was Forza 3, they better keep through fits and try to amortize the hype behind Gran Turismo 5 just to save face.

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"^^ lol.... keep telling yourself that... "

You know, where the offended poster has nothing to say so he attempts to make a witty retort and then fails because he didn't prove anyone wrong.

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Suddenly Xbox fanboys are morally superior? lmfao, gtfo

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Microsoft is doing rebates all over the the US, lol what's more pathetic dipsh1t?

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They are generic and retarded like their console and their games

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370K for 1.5 years after the "original sequel" (whatever that's supposed to mean) in a highly competitive environment and a sh1ttier economical environment... well, it's not bad really.

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In before the Xtards

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As much as I hate this guy, you do know he is stating the obvious not because he suddenly realized and decided to make it public, but rather, to prevent erroneous forecasts and moves in the stock price (among other business related reasons), right? Then again, I guess that wasn't so obvious to you guys.

Oh, and it's Kotick, not "Kodick". :P

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Does the 'B' in 'Bzone' stand for 'Blows'?

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Meaningless advertising

BTW I don't care if it beats buzz or not in sales or even quality, because the truth is, if you are a fan of the genre, you'll buy both. And guess which platform has both? Yeah, the platform that only does everything.

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"I played buzz and it sucked..just look at the sales. "

That sums up the mentality of bots, hahaha RETARDS

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Sorry Cows, didn't mean to make you cry

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Xtards spamming the open zone as usual, nothing to see here

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This idiot is the same idiot that has been spamming first posts in the open zone. You know, MGSR, OWNED, corywebb, pp, mooks, etc

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