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Can't wait for Polygon to rip it because it doesn't put-down people who disagree with them.

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Super now go and censor all of WoW WC and HotS to align the brand.

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The Volition remaster we've been begging for for a decade! /s

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Forgot about this... something about how you block by doing nothing and other strange mechanics.

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*Dart's father's voice*

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Alot of what you guys already said; LoD, Wipeout, Sly Cooper, Twisted Metal.
But Jumping Flash VR... would be lit.

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Literally any writing they dump on this is going to be better than the MSQ.

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My body; ready, hair; freshly spiked, stunsaber and capture net; check and check.

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We're all snowflakes at this point. Nobody wins. Things that are never broken are always going to need fixing.

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Makes me wish one or two more characters looked god-awful, then there'd be demand to get them all changed instead of "ooh she's not attractive? Welcome to 2019." ...I'm not gonna get into it here, but it's kinda the point to make Widow as ...SEXY as possible while maintaining practicality to her design. Sorry the fanbase is still majorly healthy men,

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*Shakes an 8-Ball*
My sources say F*** no.

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At this point I'd love to see Devolver put out a melee game. Katana Zero samurai vs this guy... Wooh boi.

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Bitch when I want a Kinderegg, I'll go buy a motherfucking Kinderegg.

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Just glanced at my Metal Gear PS3 collection the other day, remembering how BluePoint did such an awesome job porting PeaceWaker to have some camera controls. All the other awesome remasters... Thank you for your hard work Andy.

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"Death Stranding might?"
Please tell me you misworded that. Otherwise you have a lot of catchin up to do mate.

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Good shit. HE should be JP President, but he probably doesn't want it.

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Really don't understand close-door demos
"SO GUD MUCH OMG" -Most every outlet over every demo.

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Gonna be a pretty underwhelming final boss if it's the thing you fight at the end of the highway. Maybe a shuffle of events will see Sephiroth throwing Jenova BIRTH at us early-on?

I'm curious about how much they're going to fluff the plot if what I would expect to be at least a twenty hour experience is going to stop-off at Midgar's edge. A huge, free to explore city chalk full o quests would be ideal, but if FFXV's city zones are anything to go off of,...

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