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There you go. If you were passionate about your N64 and played competitively, that effer hardened your twitch reflexes.

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I always held the controller with left hand on left handle, thumb crossing over to the joystick. Felt completely natural, but I had two friends that insisted on a bogus rumor going around that holding it like that messes up the joystick. One of em literally wouldn't let me use his controllers unless I promised to hold it by the center handle... which gave me next to no dexterity to use the stick. I used the same controller for six years and the stick's rotation is mildly creaky--stand...

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Probably has to stick to a liquid diet...

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Well I'm glad I didn't give the site a click.

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I thought antitheistics were already the rage in game plots these days. Rally ho, atheists?

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I could only imagine Keanu playing the Sam role. Mads has far more experience playing "menacing" characters.

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I'd just like to take this opportunity to point out...


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Remember those primary school "guesstimate the amount in the jar" games?
Guess how many glitches will be in the launch ver.

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I remember when anti-tobacco actually stood for something. Now it's propaganda and censoring just like most everything else that used to stand for something.

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Isn't gonna stop the game form releasing. When it does and if it bombs, then we can all go ahead and add whatever trash we want to the dumpster fire. A character's race and gender don't matter, only that they're believable.
Will he be? We dunno. But if race and gender are what deem that before we even know what kind of person he is...
That's intolerance
That's sexism
That's racism
No excuse.

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You're the one bringing Trump into this.

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She is! Literally everything about her fell into her lap. She's earned nothing.
Jyn walked the walk. Even if the movie was cast with social politics in mind, it was a brilliant movie and everyone played their part well. Credit where credit is due.

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You're either a troll or highly ignorant. None of this should be about a pendulum shift but the shotcallers are making it one and propagating it in sexist manners "the force is female." No, the force is a genderless, formless concept. Star Wars has has received a continuous pattern of females. Jyn is the only one that's believeably strong. Rey has had everything fall into her lap, and Iden... her story skips months at a time and we literally see nothing of how se went from I...

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The way I see it, I would prefer to play as a human because it's a relative conduit to how diverse the galaxy is. I think it's more exciting to have all the wondrous people and races around me to be something different than me.

This is the meaning of diversity and tolerance.

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Notice how the people who crusade for tolerance and diversity are the majority of people that make racist, sexist remarks. They think the "white male patriarchy" owes them the right to everything. Subhuman behavior.

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Nintendo Switchie Laito dess.

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Wait till he sees Star Citizen.
Emphasis on wait.

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Cousin showed me the ending to Postal when I was about 7. First time I had seen anything demonic in nature I'm pretty sure.

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Hey team! So the art style on these cards really isn't holding up in 2019, think you can spruce it up a bit, maybe get rid of a popular card? That should spiffy thing up a bit. Get it? Got it? Good.

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