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It's like that in everything these days, but if you call it out, you're a tinfoiled biggot. Commercials, TV and movies, news anchor dialog, everything. Man= dumb, ugly, bearer of misfortune. Woman= smart, condescending, picking up where the man fell. Don't tell me it's a pendulum shift. Sexism is sexism.

But you know what? I'm a mature self-confident individual that moves on to other things when he doesn't get his way. Fuck social engineering.

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Yo where my Sensei-bae at?

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Go choke on a bottle of hot sauce.

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Remember that time Colonel Sanders had a shootout?

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Have you played any other Kojima games? From like MGS3 upwards he's had Japanese food brands, Sony Walkman, freakin designer eyewear. Product placement is product placement, but for Kojima it's always been about something that gives the player an arguably immersive familiarity to further tether them to the game world. Not trying to defend anything, just sayin.

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Ah, MONSTER I get it. Because you fight paranormal monster thingies.
Now I kinda hope there's a livery or something for the motorcycles with Monster sponsorship so I can make ghetto motocross vids.

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Only other queers can call each other queer. Otherwise it's hate speech.

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Even one of my gay friends finds it demeaning. People just wanna be human and not labeled. That acronym grows like wildgrass, yet it's only flown when they bitch about something or wanna rub a moot point in everyone's face.

Pride community. You're proud to be ....something other than biological norm. Why can't we all be happy and tolerant over that?

...because self-righteous attention-mongers say so.

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"means you better get used to it."
So *makes Spongebob rainbow handwave* T O L E R A N T~

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How'm I supposed to get that tiny Shinkawa print on my paintjob?! Make Ant-Man do it? GAWD.

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I don't care if I agree or disagree. All I expect is that I'm challenged to think critically. I personally think that a lot of recent material for Death Stranding has put a black&white mentality over some of the more puzzling content, and some people are thinking "oh..." Yeah at CURRENT perspective, I get a feeling that a message that Kojima wants everyone to hear takes front seat to all the enigma we've been wading through thus far, but we haven't seen everythi...

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OoOoOoOo biggol loong blade. gg Platinum. gg Sony.

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@Hawkeye SotC and Metal Gear HD Collection were awesome. Nuff said for me.

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There is a time for diplomacy, and a time for war. Diplomacy is dead. Time to gag your wallet if you're rubbed wrong by Epic Store.

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A common trope of SJW feminism. Referring to how they let themselves go physically and dump paint in their hair to scream "we aren't for men."

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*Munch munch* Anyone want some kettle corn?

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Collector: Hey man, wanna see my Maliwan?
Friend: Ch'yah bruh
*Friend holds and studies it, then chucks it as hard as possible, shattering it on a wall*
Collector: WHAT THE ACTUAL F MAN!?!?
Friend: Like...wasn't it supposed to...?

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Don't forget your sunscreen and water yo.

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