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THANK YOU. Hopefully Hwang Seoung is up next after Samurai dude.

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That time I was in a bar with my sister and we met Hideo Kojima. He was smashed and went on about how FFVII is the bestest game evar. Good times.

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"Well, fuck me."

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*Everyone willing to grind the same thing for days/weeks.

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The character will bring the "player" to the peak of the drama. Interesting choice of words.
"He is you and me, both sides of the same coin."
I'm thinking that gameplay may shift over to Cliff at one point, possibly to Higgs too. Completely different UI's, mechanics, and all. Would be interesting to command his troops. Otherwise I imagine they'll be something like the Skulls in MGSV. Actively hunting you down and shit.

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If this game wasn't so spoiler-sensitive, I'd seriously just wait the ~9 more months. Been this long, I've got enough games and rl to shake a baby at.

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*Decarbonated Han Solo voice*
That bad, huh?

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I got into a deathclaw family savetrap in FONV lol. It was like an un-fun version of SUPERHOT trying each and every thing I could till I finally came out on top... like an hour later.

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Now how do I make it so my gun doesn't whip out every time I talk to someone? It should be hold button both ways...

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I'd have lost my shit if I saw a fire hose in the building. Which isn't even a garden hose but still!

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This made me wonder what Keanu was up to when he visited (the L.A. studio?)
This footage is over a year old, but very interesting that one of the devs is wearing a Wyld Stalyns shirt

A most excellent choice in threads I might add *air guitar riff*

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Any time I've seen a Nintendo product discounted as much as 25%, it was from the previous generation.
Filed under bullshit.

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I love how we're calling headquarters of places campuses now.

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Such clickbait lol. Title preview drops off at backwards compatbility great news-
Get to the article and it's promotion for an indie game. Few people would have clicked a more telling title, but this article sits at hottest trending right now. Well played GB.

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Good times few and far between. My friend and I would play pool every chance we got. The dance floor was fun too.

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Don't know how I feel here. One of the most visually pleasing games I've ever seen. Has that charming immersive side scrolling. But then we get to the combat and all those bitchin mech designs get shrunken down to minifigures dumped onto a pile of multicolor rubber bands. I'm grateful for a demo.

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I'm optimistic; no doubt. Just seems like this trailer can be taken as mild damage control for the walking sim criticisms.
See, SEE?! Our game is action packed like the Gears of Halo!

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Everything on sites and YouTube is like a B.T. to me now. Hold my breath and cautiously move on.

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Did everything legitimately, now I'm just orange-picking with the invincibility glitch lol.

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