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Looks like a Yugioh card reject.

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I had SOME fun, but it was mostly a blend of stress, tension, frustration, and sorrow. But more often than not, the game pulled those strings at the right time. I felt immersed in surreality. I muttered "c'mon Sam..." during "the fight." A game doesn't have to be fun to be enjoyed, just needs a context. If I want fun, I'll play Saints Row.

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Definitely one of the more Kojima characters in the game. The way he constantly "likes" you encompasses the nature of the game.

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I've spoken to IdolNinja on Reddit. "All he can say" is that fans of 2 are going to love their next project. Sooo....

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How many fighting games have you bought in the past 10 years?

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I used to collect various obscure Pocky flavors and hoard the boxes. I find this collaboration better suited for Pockymon than a fighting game.

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Another self-discrediting journalist to add to the wall of shame. Movin right along~

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I'll never understand the appeal of LoL. You do the same shit, on the same map, with the same tactics, over, and over, and over.

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Always great stuff, but it seems all they wanna milk out of the Crono games is their music. Let's get a Cross remaster if anything!

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DWYD kidz, I'm down for the next project.

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I'm enjoying it in the "journey is the destination" sense. Something that ironically comes to mind in this context is Borderlands. Story has always sucked, but if you're a co-op player, chances are you've got more than a few stories to tell. Every day I've been playing Death Stranding, I tell friends about the crazy something or another that happened during a delivery, how I stuck it to the game by doing something from multiple angles till I got it right, etc. If you...

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Travis' DGAFness literally changed me as a person and brought me out of a shy bubble. I got in shape, started wearing tshirts meant to weird people out, etc. No regrets.

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I think he's gonna have a huge wake-up call working with a film studio as opposed to dev studio. At KojiPro, everyone is under his relatively direct supervision diligently working at desks, and he only has a tight-knit cast to manage. In film production, everyone is all over the place, every actor needs to be constantly managed as if they're a side project in and of themselves. I'm thinking he's gonna co-produce, and that bearded clown Jordan Volght Wright is gonna make every ...

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OP needs to spend 5 mins in Limsa Lanosca on FFXIV.

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Norman Reedus
Paranormal babies
Ghosts n' stuff
A character named **** that would give away spoilers if I went into further comparisons of them
Fatherly guilt (again, spoiler territory)

Obviously I'm just takin a piss, but it's clear that several THEMES were carried over.

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I'm one of the "the journey is the destination" types when it comes to how this game has developed. Listening to people's batshit theories, sharing philosophy, mythology, etc, basically coming together and pooling in knowledge and perspectives to piece something together. Even if we never had a chance in hell of getting one thing right, it was still fun. The released product is essentially the most overpriced DLC ever to me. Playing to wrap up the puzzle, even if the game su...

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The rides served as crude mission briefs at worst, character building at best.

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Who the fuck can quote Kojima on promising anything? We get a "should" at best when players expectations are brought up.

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But... but... Assassins Creed Odyssey has PoC! Ubisoft makes teh guud games with historical accuracy. It's true! You go into DNA latent memories, the people you meet were REAL! C'mon ya'll....

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