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Metal Unit...?!
Actually looks good, cyber-waifu 'vania goodness.

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We have $800 in DoA DLCs because sex sells. Let's leave that out of the ballpark of seasonpass bullfuckery lol.

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I've never wholesomely played a Yakuza game, just enough to get the external gist. I'm hoping this new approach will be a good carte blanche for me to jump in.

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More leg censorship incoming.

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@nucky64 stealing is stealing and you're massively disrespecting those who put talent into the game, but allow me to play devils advocate on one point. Games are in indefinite supply, (unless you're R* and you "run out of keys.") Can wheat and rice be duplicated? Livestock, cotton, minerals, etc? These things have to be sourced.
A game is developed, then copied to kingdom-come. Yet still, the farm must be maintained and the workers paid.
IMO its the farmers...

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Least they aren't crunching the devs (I think?) But it's looking sloppy for them especially after the 6 month XV delay.

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I feel this could be subject to change, but tf do I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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A Fortnite clone aboot climate change eh.

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"these feel right out of Hideo Kojima’s metaphorical sketchbook."
Or, you know... Yoji Shinkawa's literal sketchbook.

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Talented devs, shit publisher.

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Wow, she went from creepy to flat-out divine.

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Death Stranding reminds me of that one time JJ was truly creative; Cloverfield.

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::Waves his wallet frantically in he air::

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So we get to see chicks in their panties. Main character states that the dog is as old as her.
That's one ancient dog~~~! >_>

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I think I'd rather dump money into a bunch of Star Wars Lego sets.

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Mmm, sweet sweet cherries.

Granted the first Death Star was fully manned, Luke Skywalker (in a feat of the force) killed about one million people, 300,000 or so not even being soldiers or officers (maintenance crews, recreation employees, trade delegates, etc.) But nobody gives a damn because he's a theatrical hero (or because he avenged two BILLION innocent people.) But given that perspective of "just" mass homicide, he's criticizing Cal for mowing down a...

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Thor, Loki, Odin, Freyja, Heimdall and Hela are all Isu. Next!

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That isn't a trailer, it isn't even a spot. It's a twitter billboard.

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