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Talk about bait-and-switch. Captain Spirit gave players a universally shared feeling of what it's like to be a kid on Saturday morning again. Sorry if it was through the prospective of a white kid, but anyone could relate, and the "issue" tones were subtle enough to be perceived as only a naive child can. You reach the end of the game and "oh shit, how's This gonna play out?!" Good thing I'm not into preordering. Suddenly; Chris? Chris who? You need to play thi...

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First article I see: PC requirements. "It's DMC, not like it's a multiplayer game. Of course I'm getting it on PC." (None of my friends PC game.)

Literally 10 seconds later I see this. Still don't feel sold on the idea of a co-op installment though. I've always enjoyed the isolating experience of being a lone devil-hunter.

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Just add some dedicated PvE modes...

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He had nothing to say other than how the pacing of side content didn't mesh with him clearly mowing through the game and not stopping to smell the roses. Sorry, It's a Spider-Man game. It's not meant to be scarfed down because someone has other games to play for a living. Not worth "attacking" the site, but reviewers that ignorant provide me a simple "steer clear."

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Reviewer clearly mowed through the story, and considered nothing more than how the game's side-content pacing didn't cater to how he plays.

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While we're talking plagiarism; this game's title.

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Betting this will be the first Spidey game without the Black Suit coming standard.
Because Venom promotion.

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Reviewer gives it a 9/10, and slams it for having zero political correctness.
R.I.P. game journalism.

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.....Did I just see zord-control multiplayer?

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Cool! Now I just have to burn through months of classic Warframe dungeoning to access any of this!

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Clickbait alert. The article is about some armored rodent that farts to get stat buffs. The site is lazy as hell too.

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Deceptive site warning.
Looks like clickbait anyway, point isn't iterated in the preview.

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She's such a passive character. Quistis would've represented VIII with a ton more flair. Blue magic could make her a wildcard that let's her use one combatant's bravery attacks for a short time, or she uses her alt attack to absorb another in its place. Would've been a great way to encourage familiarity with all characters.

Best way I can describe Rinoa in traditional terms is a super blackmage.
...Hope that doesn't rule out a Vivi inclusio...

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I've never watched a second of this anime. I want the game sheerly to promote artistic freedom in games. Love it or hate it, I'm gonna play it while I watch every FeministFrequency-esque video flung at it :)

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Straight from the NotChar's mouth!

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Okay, if someone can get away with putting shit like Isaac in a fighting game, I could make a fighting game. Time to go beg people on reddit.

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Let's have a Splatoon! one. It'd literally be repackaged Applejacks; orange and green.

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I think the first step should be Disney's dismissal of EA when the license expires. Or! Or... better yet; Disney accept that sand is slipping through their fingers and sell Lucasarts to... shit, who's still standing on their own? Sony?

Yeah, my shareholder's 8ball says Don't count on it.

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Interesting. I'm not big on "cinematic" horror, not a fan of the "brutal" fighters like KI or MK, but this... the lore alone has me piqued. Jeckyl/Hyde as a fighter?? Dude. I look forward to more character reveals.

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Gettin some Max Payne vibes here. Fascinating.

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