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Hey it's free to play, and honestly I'd shell out a small bit just for just a character generator on par with this one's. Then you let loose after the tutorial dungeon. Fly, scale buildings, swoop in on crimes and unleash your cooldowns like a JLA boss.

Do yourself a solid, check it out.

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Okay, okay... another game that would make a Switch a practical buy for me. One of the best MMO's of all time, even if it's reletavely barebones. You can get lost in character creation for hours tailoring your dream superhero/villian, then rub shoulders with DC royalty like you're a part of their universe. Not much else like it, especially when any Marvel online game would rather rack you for character purchases.

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I'd have settled for an ornate letter-opener... sharp object, but it's not going to ruin my domestic life or enhazzard me as a motorist!

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We never were pretending.

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Female torch-bearer is front and center on the box art. Will be preordering.

I don't even own an Xbox, but I must support.

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It's times like this that made me wish there was regulations on monetized game journalism content. Flabberghasting that these people get paid anything to bitch blog entries.

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@Naruga Then use google translate or something. You're amongst English speakers on a UK-based network. Don't be surprised/insulted when someone calls you out on bad English when there's barely an excuse for it via typing. You clearly don't like the language enough to hone it, so why bother with English speakers?

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I love when mobile games are given knockoff/buzzword titles to garnish sales. Except SE is knocking itself off!

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Kweeeeeh! Kweeh, kweeh, kweeh.... kweehh...? *Chocobo theme*

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Eeh, I'd rather put $100 more on functions that I MIGHT use than spend $100 less for functions I'll never have. But I appreciate that Nintendo is reaching out to the gaming gamers and not just their sect of the Cult of Gimmick.

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Oh, I thought those holes in everyone's weapons were to look cool. Thank you for imparting this coveted knowledge.

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Let's have something like XV DLC. Episode Riku, Episode Axel, etc.

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Well, I don't exactly see Jussie Smolett tearing shit up alongside Cloud.... Looks like Mr. T to me.

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So what's gonna happen...? The BLM community is going to rally in Chicago and Detroit if Barrett comes out too black?
These white apologists and other SJWs have zero endgame. They just crave controversy to collectively dogpile on and feel good about themselves for a couple hours.

None. of. this. means. shit. to. anyone! *Makes an imaginary rainbow of sarcasm with hands*

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So instead of Rockman, he's.... Runeman?

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There's definitely a sweet spot, but 4 really shat on some fundamentals. I'm fine with superpowers if we're given a new lineup of creative gangs with powers to rival them. Zany is fine, but diversions=|=missions is a sound way of keeping the game's pace in the player's control.

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Yeah, same story, but a ten year old can figure out that the majority of 3's writers and devs were new, and obviously signed on with Septic Avenger and hoes on the brain instead of criminal enterprise and immuresre.

A.O.M. Story: Ultor something something new anti-teror taskforce, plot, plot, Seoul Korea, Gat is from Korea so preorder, fight superterrorists in Seoul.

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All good man, an opinion is an opinion.


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This sentiment's echo is a pinball lighting up the board. If they end up with anything like 4 again, the dismay with Agents of Mayhem isn't gonna scrub off. It'll just sell to kids with Switches that just got a taste of post-Stilwater Volition.

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