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Dinklebot voice: That expansion came from the moon.

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I know next to nothing about the Switch. I jerked my head back at realizing ya'll ain't got no 'flix!

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@rainslacker UPS is about to suck everywhere. Amazon prime megavans rolling out 1 day shipping.
They're pretty much gonna be hauling what those van's cant and that's it.

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He's a uh... "regular" here. Regardless, no one gives a damn about the down arrow. Invisitrolls gonna invisitroll.
Come at me you inverted-teepee simpletons.

But yeah, might be something similar to Nier Automata.

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Multiplayer allergies... So you all have Dooms, like me...

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Has Polygon or Kotaku done a hit piece on Kojima for that yet?

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Kojima had been throwing out vague hints of "online elements" where people worldwide somehow contribute to the community's greater success. Doesn't perk my ears up, just waiting to see how it plays out.

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This was considered to be the true Ghostbusters III to fans that played it.

....Wonder how Sony's gonna retune it to "fit with the times."

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I don't even want a PS5 at this point. I've matured into PC gaming because no one's telling me what I can and can't experience.

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It's N4G man, the down arrow is simply a troll count.

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An excuse for me to sit down to a Sonic game in 2019.....

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There's only one time I've seen something super-hero turned into an FPS, and that's Gotham City Imposters. They'd have to be on some hard shit to make a FPS Marvel game. I think he means modeled after the execution of Destiny, not it's literal mechanics lol.

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The pre-order bonus is stuff you can unlock via gameplay...
I miss unlocking stuff. No pre-order for me! :)

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Sync your watches gents, we're doin' this.

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Haha Germans are the masters of passive-aggression. They'll be legit pissed but carry their dismay with a smile and upbeat tone.

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tl;dr Something something VICE, Kotaku, something something backyard shed, something, pretentious highlight of indie people, something something.

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Final Teaser: 👐NOW WAIT.👐

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Funny how I see bitching from Anti-Trumps, and facts from Pro-Trumps

Stay classy gamers.

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Conferences.... we don't need no stinkin' conferences...

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