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Sounds like it'd be a safer bet to just get the Switch full price from Amazon, especially for ordering abroad. Here's hoping that Mario Kart bundle comes back for Cyber Monday.

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Any thoughts on Antonline from people who bought anything from them? I'm hearing mixed opinions.

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Rafe would be Cillian Murphy. Any other choice is a waste.

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Nathan Fillion.

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So chill.

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Why is Rakitic never blonde in Fifa?

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Winner of "the most polarazing game of the year" award

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Too bad it has 30$ shipping fees to where I live. Pretty sweet deal, though.

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My wallet just can't get a break

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I don't expect it to be short and also if done right, the co op component should keep me well busy.

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The Ancient Watch Dog looks awesome. Can't wait.

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I want to play it but I'm kind of hoping they will have a version of The Phantom Pain bundled with it in some way.

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I couldn't stand them when I played it on my 360, but they are way less noticeable on the new consoles.

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They said a lot of it is replacing existing files so the game size won't really increase by 6.7GB. Not sure by how much exactly it does increase, though.

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Lord of the Rings spin-off?
I'd actually love to see a new Dead Space series.

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Pressing X to pay respects will have some serious consequences now

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Just give me the option to appear offline, please

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Everything about this game sounds incredible. I hope they deliver.

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I played a few matched, however getting into those had it's own problem. I guess it will get better as time goes on but I didn't enjoy the few matches I had anyway, but I'll be sure to give it another try. I love the way it looks, though.

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Any word on patching the glitched trophies?

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