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I hope this gets working soon. I have no interest in buying a Wii U and I want to play its great games.

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This is gonna be so good on my PS4. Can't wait to get the patched complete edition.

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My GOTY hands down. No other game will come close this year. This better come to North America.

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If this isn't a remaster then meh.

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How do you know those Windows OSs aren't pirated? And you never answered my second question.

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Since people are buying games Day 1 regardless of what state the game more companies are okay with shipping games unfinished and just releasing a Day 1 Patch. Sadly this another new norm we must accept along with stuff being cut out of the game to be resold as DLC.

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Really so how much money are making off of all those people using Windows in China? How much money do they make off the games being played in China?

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MS doing fine in China?

Thanks for the joke. I needed that.

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You can't tell the difference between 30 and 60? Casuals can tell the difference. We need better FPS not better visuals.

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I hope they sell it on Steam because that will be an instant buy from me.

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Can't wait for the PS4 version in 2016! Loved the definitive edition!

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Having the choice between physical and digital is okay.

However a future where it's nothing but digital games where companies can control what games you can own is not okay in my book.

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Too bad this game isn't an FPS. FACT!

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You should know. After the price cut there's no way the Xbone is going to catch up to PS4. Fact!

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I'm buying this physical hands down.

Physical>Digital now and forever.

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Can't believe there are people out there that will defend this stupidity. An all digital future will NEVER be okay. Ever.

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Underground is crap. You must be on something to say something like this. THUG was the best FACT!

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Wow 720p? No game should have that in this day and age.

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Wow seeing a lot of Xbox fanboys downplaying the awesomeness of this. $349 guarantees it will sell even faster and all those bundles coming is a bonus. They're mad because PS4 will outsell the competition even faster now.

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I'm pretty sure this ignorant fool thought Halo MCC was a big name but thought the Nathan Drake Collection isn't this holiday.

So many ignorant people wanna downplay Sony because they successful.

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