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Outer wilds is the best game ever made. If you like playing games that are actually good. You owe it to yourself to play this masterpiece before you die.

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Maybe instead of going "I've never experienced it so it doesn't exist". Try asking him what games he plays and if they intersect with the games you play. I'm primarily a PC player and there is 100% a hacking problem with Warzone.

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So just because they didn't give you an option to stop it, it's going too far? Lol

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Don't think they were wrong about unity. It's a bland game tyat does nothing new. With a rehashed story that's been done in every assassins creed game. With a bootleg version of Ezio to boot. Only thing the game has going for it is the parkour system, art style and architecture.

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As soon as I saw damage numbers in the gameplay trailer I knew all hope was lost.

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Okay that's just false equivalency if you ask anyone who play Playstation games they'll tell you the same thing I listed. They are best known for third person action adventure games, end of debate. If you carefully read my comment you woulda seen that I mentioned the last guardian because I genuinely enjoyed it. But it's something I want to see from their western devs. They're quickly becoming like Ubisoft where they're just releasing the same games. I just want what's...

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Yeah I agree with that. I love Sony to bits. I know I'm going to be called an Xbot but Sony got me into games and I love them for it. I will continue to support them but not out of blind loyalty but because I want them to get better. They've found a lot of success following the third person action adventure genre but I want moreo ut of their western titles. Almost all of the fun titles I've actually enjoyed have been from their Japanese partners. Death Stranding, Last guardian, P...

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Very interesting. I've battled with this same feeling over the past few years. I've always been a Sony fan but recently I've wondered if the increasing homogenization of Sony's titles is good for the industry. It's funny that the new PlayStation studios intro looks very much akin to Marvel's that plays at the beginning of every Marvel movie. And i feel like that's very ironic since Marvel too went the route of making all of their movies basically the same. I hope p...

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lol this is one of the worst comments I've read on this site and that's saying something. Yeah lads be thankful for the broken port that's missing features. Oh you paid money for it and Sony didn't mention the broken port and missing features? Stop complaining guys be happy with what you have. Absolute state of modern gaming audience baffles me.

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That's such a stupid counter argument to make. "Don't like it Don't buy it." I love the Open world genre. Not too long ago it was THE biggeet innovation in game design. And we've since seen many good, nay, great games put their own fresh spin on the genre and craft something unique. What's so wrong about pointing out some of the flaws with the open world genre? If I didn't like the bland mission design in Red dead 2 does that mean I absolutely hated the game?...

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There's nothing wrong praising your role models. Arnold and Macho man were my idols and plenty of people have problems with them. But you seem to imply that you're only focusing on your role models and not their genders with " and they're women" towards the end of your reply. Like it's just an after thought. But then the way you title your article it takes up almost 50% of it. So I'm confused as to what you're trying to say? Are you trying to highlight the fa...

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Wait why not? Why can't we get something like the combat in DMC 5 in an RPG game? Okay, that's a bit high of a standard, let's say maybe something closer to it? If DMC combat is a ten then give us a 7 or 8? Or is that too much to ask for? What about games like Doom that are focused on giving you one of the best FPS shooter experiences in recent years can we not expect it to have a good story too? Is it that absurd of a concept? No, it's not. The combat in the Witcher 3 sucks. ...

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Could not have picked a worse comic line. Metal started off good but then devolved into generic comic garbage fairly quickly.

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Eh, it's okay.

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Omg, the consumer with very little power and influence to affect something that big are bullying the multi-billion dollar company whose main goal is to exploit and hack out inferior products on the basis of nostalgia? Omg, the absolute heathens. Worship everything that is Nintendo or any other company. Do not voice your concerns over something you don't like about a product. Shut up, get in line, pick up Ya free amiibo and frontal lobe lobotomy!

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To me it's pretty darn shit. I pirated the game to see if it's any good because I'll sooner hack of my own sack with a rusty knife than invest in a modern triple AAA game that's been decent at best with it's past entries. Now that may come off as too negative, but here's a big butt; I actually went into Gears 5 with an open mind. A lot of people spoke about how the game introduced new more open sections which added some new stuff to the game, which I love, I'm all ...

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I like that you went with Shadow of war as the picture for this article. I've recently finished Shadow of war and can confirm that it's a massive waste of everyone's time. Shadow of Mordor was one of my favourite games when it came out and I couldn't wait on the sequel. Shadow of war, whilst somewhat innovative rides too much on it's main mechanic. The story in confusing, characters change sides on a whim, character development be damned. The main nemesis system is fun at ...

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Yes, staying one place whilst you hit bullet sponge enemies is very fun. Looter shooters aren't that well known for their gameplay. There are exceptions to this of course. Those being Division 2. The only lure of a looter shooter is to get better gear, more awesome looking gear. I found the gameplay in Anthem honestly average. Nothing special, nothing that'll carry the game for me like it did with the Division 2.

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If you're looking for an online game. I'd highly recommend The Division 2. It has some of the best AI I've seen in the last decade.

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