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Would win easily hands down without a second thought.

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Watch MS announce X Box 720 in 2010 at E3. They say this now, but they WILL reveal the new console before the 360 dies.

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If you look at the demonstration with Claire and that digital boy, you could see that in the Claire water reflection part, Claire in real life had her arms crossed and the reflection of her had her hands out. Either the video's fake, or Project NATAL's got some MAJOR flaws..

-Edit MS got the idea of Project NATAL from SONY's Eye Toy

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Because MGS2 was Multiplatform back in the PS2 vs X Box days. This is not surprising that Kojima made a MG game on 360. PS3 will get treated.

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Its obvious that everyone knows KZ2 IS the way better game. That is all that matters..RTS games =fail

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Many will. but not enough. You guys better becareful about the digital converter boxes. The fact that the US government is actually paying for us to get the digital converter boxes are strange enough but yeah, INSIDE of the digital converter boxes are a built in camera and a mic to listen to our conversations and watch us. Its invasion of our privacy and its illegal. With Obama passing bills left and right, its a matter of time before martial law comes and we are waken up in the middle of the...

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The Wii's hardware is TOO Wiik. Obviously it can't handle those intense graphics.

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DS is just for kids I agree 100% with SONY on this one. The reason why the DS is leading is because...well.. too many people having babies accidently lol

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The PS2 pwns the PS3,360,Wii and original X Box combined in terms of total sold at this point

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Are you out of your mind?? RE series is WAAY more popular than Bioshock will ever get in its lifetime. Bioshock is overrated. It will never be RE

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This will just lead to flamewars

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PS3 Price cuts = ^__^

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The controls ARE poor on PS3 and probably on 360...why couldn't they just put the same controls as they did for the X Box 360 version of the demo...NOOOOOO instead you have L1 to is that?? Then RI to shoot........L2 to pull out the knife...and so on..what a mess...why couldn't Capcom allow us to CUSTOMIZE the CONTROLS DAMMIT?! I also have to complain about Street Fighter 4...sometimes when I hit a button, the character WON'T respond at all! WTF? Capcom needs to update RE5 with a pat...

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Wtf are you SMOKING?! The Constitution is the ONLY reason why we are still ALIVE here in the US... Imagine if the constitution was no longer alive in the US, you and every single person in this room would not be FREE to even post wouldn't be able to go outside, shop,etc UNLESS you ASK the government...thats slavery there buddy. If thats the kind of world you want to live in, then you are incredibly STUPID!!

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If it will be on 360...nope not a chance. If on X Box 720..maybe.

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Gears of War 2 looks great but, Killzone 2 is on a whole nother level than Gears of War 2. The X Box 360 is clearly no match for the PS3. And as they say, you get what you pay for. Not saying that the 360 is a bad system because its definately not. PS3's power is just more obvious.

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I'm going to get Resident Evil 5...I love the RE series..I'm a big fan of it. Can't wait! The demo is awesome IMO.

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Microsoft knows this. That is why they are throwing checks at Capcom, Square Enix and other companies that GAMERS know make great games. Final Fantasy 4 is an example. I'm very disppointed with this generation. Microsoft is obviously no competetion for the PS3 with just Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 and Mass Effect. So what do they do? Throw checks. I love the 360, but I have no respect for Micrsoft. They are pigs.

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I think the demo is fun, yeah I died a few times in the demo because it was my first time playing an RE4-style RE5 on a 360 controller. But there were some 360 owners that never heard of Resident Evil lol and they kept dying.... I was like wtf... but I beat the chainsaw maggot-head 3 times now :) Its actually fairly easy for me. I think the only ones that should be complaining about RE5 being hard are the 360 owners lol you think its hard? You should've played RE4..but I guess Halo 3 and Gear...

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I just played Resident Evil 5, and the graphics stll aren't impressive.. its decent I would say? Even the character models don't look so good. Killzone 2 OBVIOUSLY wipes the floor with RE5.

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