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Adding a child's mode like Battle Royal in a once near serious game like CoD B-Ops is a huge mistake. Zombies in CoD games is bad enough... but just to make more sales with child gameplay is shameful. So now, Battlefield V and now CoD BO4 have turned into arcade games and not worth buying. So be it. I'm going back to my PS3 and Battlefield 3 as best I can... at least BF3 was a great serious war game.

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Another EA/DICE game... still in development and not finished or ready for launch... that will be LAUNCHED ANYWAY! What a surprise! You know EA's got to get that game out before Christma$, for parents to buy BFV for the kiddie$!! EA has their prioritie$ you know!

So... a game their customers didn't want or ask for... a game that's all graphically pretty, with no tactical guts to make it a great playing game for years... a game lacking Clan Support for large grou...

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Looks real good. But the most important aspect of this RDR2 for larger groups of friends to play together... like online PS4 War Clans... is it's Multiplayer mode. Is RDR2 Clan Supported? Larger rooms for 16 vs 16 or 24 vs 24 player rooms? Does RDR2 offer User Custom Private Servers for public or private gameplay? Can this game support Clan War competitions or public and private Tournaments?

Large online War Clans are looking for a game to call HOME with. We have ...

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Nothing could make me want to buy this game.... the Battlefield franchise is dead. BF3 was the last decent BF. BF and CoD are in the same boat together now. The kiddies love it! There is no good modern war game on the market with Clan Support and what's needed for large groups of friends to play together. My PS4 is going on the shelf to collect dust. As for the PS5... don't need it.

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No news on a new SOCOM game from SONY gaming... then I couldn't care less about more kiddie games for 2018 and 2019. And no new PS5 for me. Ready to give up on video gaming totally!

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I won't play this Battle Royal crap! Won't get my money!

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Got to get those ads in you know!!!

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BFV... pretty. But no real substance for large multiplayer teams who love and use Tactical Teamwork in gaming. Battlefield 3 had far better Teamwork and structure. With the lack of intel on any real multiplayer play, private servers and basically no Clan Support... my friends and I see no reason to buy BFV... as we didn't buy BF1 and quit playing BF4 a few months after it's release. EA/DICE are only making games for the CoD kiddies now. Adults have lost interest in Battlefield games. ...

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Ever wonder why the last few Battlefield and Battlefront games were so much crap?  See below as to what EA/DICE thinks of you… their customer!

Upper Management EA manager:: “I remember talking to a Manager in a 1 to 1 meeting and was told that Star Wars ToR and BF (Games and movies) was “silly” and “adults playing these games are pathetic and have no life.” Schamottriese indicated that this individual was a crucial decision maker, and that this wasn’t the only inc...

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The Rainbow6 franchise has strayed so far from the original tactical S.W.A.T. Police theme... the game is just a fantasy kiddie romp through a dream world of running around shooting anything that moves. Sad.

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That game... looks like only FREAKS would play it! Where has video gaming gone?

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Also expect "Microtransactions and Loot Boxes" in this CoD BO4! Oh yeah... Battle Royal for the kiddies too!! Lots to look forward to. Here's an idea! You guys buy it... and let us know if it blows!!

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I've seen nothing good about BO4. The news gets worse and less impressive day by day. CoD and BO started falling apart soon after their introductions... and they never looked back as to what they first built. Call of Duty and the Battlefield games are the same game now and only competing for the (zombie kiddies) against each other. Sad.

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Yeah... that article completely missed the great 3rd person shooter SOCOM game! SOCOM helped sell the SONY consoles at their introductions. Hopefully... H-Hour will bring that SOCOM feeling back to the PS4 and the PS5. H-Hour is already on the PC and in beta for the PS4.

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And one of the most popular SONY and Zipper games ever made for the PS2, the PS3 and then on the PS4, that helped sell these SONY consoles at their introduction... and the Naval Military 3rd person shooter game, SOCOM doesn't even get a mention?  Sad.  Their article was a real disappointment.  Try harder next time please.  Half of those games in that article... I've never even heard of!  Must be Japanese fantasy games.

Moving on.....

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8 years in development? Then Rockstar should know exactly how the game will work!

Multiplayer Full Details? Player room size per side? Private Servers? Clan Support? Score keeping system? If not... why should our 100+ member Clan buy it?

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Nice basketballs there! I'm sure the 8 year old little boys will love those!!!

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Wildlands was a crap game. 8 player rooms? No Clan Support for larger Clans with 100+ members to play together in one room? No user controlled custom private servers? We didn't touch this game. Waste of time to make this Wildlands. Of course... Wildlands came from UbiSoft... a crap game developer! And, UbiSoft's Rainbow6 Siege ended the Rainbow6 franchise. Now, we see nothing for the PS4 today... or the PS5 in 2019 or 2020 for us worth playing. Maybe it's time to give up...

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I WON'T buy any game with Loot Boxes and Micro-transactions! I'll just give up video gaming. I really won't miss it.

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I couldn't care less about PS1 and PS2 games. If SONY can't get PS3 games to run on the PS4... to Hell with them. PS4 games are crap with loot boxes and microtransactions. My PS4 is on the shelf collecting dust. I'll wait for the PS5 release... and decide to get one or not.

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