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fuck you, you lying cunt, you and you m$ loving ass will go out of buisness in the new gen. steam os and playstation will rule all you dumb idiot. symetric has always been the best

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cancel xbox one preorders and get this and the ps4. we dont need xbox and microsof anymore they are finished no need to waste your money on them anymore.

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this is our society now because people keep breeding with degenerates. back in he day woman went for man. nowadays they go for boys and thugs who trying to live the fantasy life of a fictional rapper.

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"I am tired of killing people who look like me"

but im not so sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up and in real life go and stop the people that look like you from being the bad guys by telling them crime doesnt pay lol.

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so basically you are a dumbass if you play this game on anything other then a playstation system? anyone who gets the xbox version is just stupid at this point.

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playstation 4 life!! fuck the xbox one 2 and 360 bitches

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the only way titanfall becomes the next big thing is when it comes to the ps4. the devs are leaving to much money on the table with the choice of timed exclusivity. they are pretty dumb for this lol.

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if you are a gamer who knows how to play games controllers shouldnt be hard to adjust to. if you are an idiot who can barely beat a game like hanana montana and pee your pants then it will be harder to adjust. im a gamer so i switch between either and no problems for me. its sad that these inferior people can only play with one type of controller.

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shut up you dumb liar the ps3 version is the best version and is the version we see in all the good trailers and such. your fucking xbox 360 version will be a mess and shitty.

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what i hate is hypocritz that are like omg its rape and then they turn around and have random sex with a 1000 different people and say its just sex like theres nothing to it. girls need to figure out if sex is meaningful to them or if its just like a handshake like many many people act like it is on the interent with there defense force against the people saying you shouldnt be having sex with a bunch of random people just to feel good in that moment when you could spend a little more time gi...

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gamers comments tryed to save the xbox one but they only lessoned the pain. if only ms wasnt so stupid in the first place.

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this game is good but catching new monsters is so random lol.

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nintendos style is sellling zero wii u's lol

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which one the joystick or the ds3?

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i hope this takes off and becomes a huge big series and inafune makes even more games and makes tons of money and then buys capcom and says who is the boss now and then have a mega man X mighty no 9 cross over and mighty no. 9 kills megaman.

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but they spent 100 million on the controller already though

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its a free game everyone who owned the first one or a smart phone should have it. so these sales are low because it should be 100 million downloaded

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lol you can tell by how ugly the ninja turtles look that this game was gonna be crap. what people want out of ninja turtles is not new style ugly turtles like this game or that hd remake game. they want the old school turtles look from the ninja turtle games that were in the arcades back in the day. take the art and gameplay from those games and add to it. all these companies keep trying to change things up to much and crap.

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the plans they have for the 2ds must be the same plans they have for the wii u currently. zero console sales lol. nintendo just keeps digging an even deeper hole.

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yep thats why i always support the playstation brand. you can see that gaming will never be to the level of movies, music and tv unless we support sony. they are legitmizing gaming.

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