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Were you living under a rock when this 1st happened and the devs had to later come out and address it?

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Playstation on PC was actually from Shawn Layden the pervious CEO. He said it himself during an interview. Jim Ryan gets the blame for it before it took effect during his run, but it wasn't his idea, he just implemented a plan that was in play before he became the head

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Your ignorance and stupidity truly deserve an award. I am going to drop some fact that I know doesn't exist in whatever made-up world you live

Andrew House stepped down as CEO 4 years into the PS4's life cycle. By the time Jim Ryan steps down he would have been in the role 5 years and 4 years into the PS5's life cycle, exactly the same years as Andrew House. Now tell us us Mr bot. Where you making up these lies that Andrew Ho...

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They can keep crying. I prefer to stand by the work of the developers who created him. If they want to change his look to fit what they want, more power to them

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That was fast?
You bots seriously live under a rock, the guy has been with PS for about 30 years and Sony has a history of changing CEOs almost each generation

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I am seeing some Xbox fanboys celebrating on Twitter

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That is some fanboyish narrative. EA being in support of MS buying Activision doesn't equate to them wanting to join them. Microsoft is struggling to buy Activision and you think regulators are going to allow to buy another large publisher? There are other companies that can not only match Microsoft's check book but exceed them. Why do you think MS is worried about Google, Amazon and other large tech giants in the gaming industry?

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Or you can understand it was a very stupid and disingenuous comparison.

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You are not being honest. This number according to Xbox is from all platforms, not just steam. So using Cyberpunk numbers from 1 platform vs all platforms for this game is disingenuous. Also, bringing up Playstation games that have been out for years, some selling 20M+ before even coming to PC to a brand new game is again very disingenuous.

Cyberpunk made over 1 million CC on steam, Starfield had 269K on steam

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Across all platforms? I was honestly expecting that for steam alone. Not a bad number, just thought with both sales+GP that # would be higher

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Twitter or X should be interesting today

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They literally released a game 3 years ago. Are you expecting them to released a new game every year? Even Activision with numerous studios take 3 years to release the same copy and paste COD game

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Yeah you clearly need to learn how to read. They are investing more into live service games, but that doesn't equate to more live service games. As they started themselves, they have 25 games in development and about 10 of those are live service games. They are investing more money into the 10 they have, this doesn't equate to more live service games, but rather more investment in each game. For example in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn and Destiny 2 came ou...

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Where are you getting these made up numbers from? Sony has 25 games in development. Out of those, Sony said 10 of them are live service games. That is literally the opposite of what you are claiming. The live service gaming becoming a huge success means Sony can take more risk single player games ...

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Why not? A mixture of both is ideal. I know most of the live service games might not interest me, but it's good they are investing in both single and multi-player games. I also like that, they are not trying to have ass it, but actually put effort into it.

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Not decades, maybe a couple of years. Theoretically MS can pay for the 68.7 billion cost with cash from a couple months of GamePass subscription fee

Where are you getting this made up logic from? Did you fail 1st grade math? Theoretically MS cannot pay for the 68.7 billion cost with cash from a couple months of GamePass subscription fee

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That is a lot of salt and copium

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The amount of lies you people tell yourselves to cope with reality is amazing. A game sells 3M within 5 days on one platform and it's called a flop.

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You and your ilk are honestly too much. It ruins nothing, just triggers you. You are literally and I mean literally playing a video game that is unrealistic, yet seeing a gay character in a post apocalyptic is what you call unrealistic? A gay person in a video game is very realistic.

What the devs put in theory game is up to them, don't like, don't buy it. Devs should be free to make the games/stories they want and not change things...

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Politics has been in games since the very beginning. All the games you listed have Politics in them. You just get triggered by Politics you don't like. Basically things you agree with, you don't view as Politics, but those that hurt your feelings are Politics

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