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Not a chance, please look forward to DA4 !

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Excellent news for those who don't care about the english dubs.

The trends that has started with lightning return continues, let your buyers choose whenever they want eng or jap dub.

And with this, only ATLUS USA continues to be stubborn.

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Lol no the bandwitch is not related to the server. In online play , voice is not processed by servers. The bandwitch he talks about is bandwitch from the console to manage ( between their devices) , meaning , either the wii U can't handle it ( we know it can , because call of duty does it ) or their engine is soo poorly optimised they didn't code it .

Im betting for the latter.

In any case , it's 100% their fault it's missing.

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No amount of damage control can hide it , this game won't be that impressive ...

This lat in develloppement , there should have been at least some preview of the MP component. this doesn't look good .

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Plat twice !
Felt great both times.

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With a game this anticipated that was zelda , you're telling me that showing footage of the game ( even in dvelloppement ) was that hard ?

All you have to do in this game is to show link , in a new area , with a new weapon or against a new ennemy.

Not showing games that aren't being released in 2015 is silly , you also have to maintain hype for your games.. do they think that any uncharted fan is disapointed after seeing that 8 min demo/chase online ,...

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The most stupid thing about this is that this game could have been ok , if there wasn't METROID written on it.

But when you add those names , you create expectations , those expectations that you know you aren't going to met/answer/deliver on.

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Keep speaking/spreading the lies that the PS+ edition was the full game. You might wish , but it wasn't true 2 years ago , and it still won't be true in june 2015

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Who cares if it flops , the fanbase is asking for it. everyone is aware that it has limited appeal , or else they wouldn't require a kickstarter and some publisher would have tried years ago.

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Please stop spreading misinformations.
All of what you've said has already been proved untrue.
On the kickstarter page , you can see the very early work made on unreal engine 4. So Yes , we already have something in the game.
Second, sony is NOT funding the game.. the money goes to whose only goal is to make shenmue 3 happenning.
Third , it's shenmue , a project dead in the water for more than 15 years with no hope of being made otherwise.

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The times have changed

Lots of the money in the original project were lost to :
-Engine develloppement
-Wasted dev time because they were doing something new.

Here , the thing is much more different.
-Marketing is not an issue because they get help from sony and the target scope of the game is already defined/set.( exposure in media is a big deal)
-The engine is done , it's Unreal engine 4 and the people ...

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I guess i'm playing shenmue again to get into the flow of that game.

it's going to be glorious

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When most of the promises are exclusives deals , i find this shamefull.
Keeping content away from the other SO longby the time those dlc are out elsewhere,it's meaningless is pitifull.
Timed exclusive dlc is ridiculous, regardless of the console it'son.

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Lol , you need a reason to drive a car in a game ?
Except from ...the joy of racing ?
Why not ask for a trophy every hour so that you feel satisfied .

"Gamers" these days .....

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Lol and the game would be 6 months to 1 year late in europe ? No thanks

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"I'm not seeing massive repayable games on the other systems."

Sorry but lol.
Please tell me that GTA5 ( out everywhere but on wii U ) is not a massive replayable game.

"I'm not seeing a 3rd party that is worth getting excited for on the ps4 or Xbox one."

Metal gear solid : the phantom pain ?
aka the biggest 3rd party game of 2015 ..
( still not on wii U )
Please try ha...

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Indeed ,
While sony and microsoft embrace sharing of content, nintendo does this , but only within a very controlled environnement that prevent the main point of sharing content.
And there is nobody at nintendo HQ that bother to check and correct the fact that an IP like mario , so old and so widely know is so low in term of coverage on the web 2.0

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Disaster !

while i do think that certain exceptionnal mods should be rewarded by their users ( to their creators ) , the current system will only engage in a way that will drag the overall quality of mods down.

So many mods are only possible because of a collective community work , and so many communities are active because of it.
Putting everything behind a paywall will:
-limit the number of titles that could be modded ( why would the talente...

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tempted by ninja gaiden razor edge + season pass

very tempted.

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Doesn't make sense.

the best way for this game to get localised is to gather attention from potential buyers in the west ..and you do so by showing the game and telling people that it exist.

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