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If you pay the card off in full before the end of that months billing cycle and grace period there is no "paying beyond." Credit cards are not evil if you pay them off in full every month. There are no hidden costs or fees if you pay them off in full every month. Did I mention that they won't hurt you if you pay them off in full every month? :p

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If you don't like what the game portrays then don't play it. Don't sit here wasting your life bi***ing to eachother on a forum about your perspective of life. Play the game or don't play the game. Then spend the time you would have spent here bi***ing by actually doing something productive. People like money, people are ignorant, people are biased, life is full of half truths and lies, and life is unfair. That's how it is. If you don't like it go outside and do something about it. Attacking e...

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I have to disagree. I'm an adult and stuff like this still scares the crap out of me. I attribute it to my vivid imagination and refusal to believe that life is as simple as it appears.

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But it's the cool thing to do you know... kinda reminiscent of the bashing of vista.

Too many people care about what others think about things anymore. Everybody in the world needs to just be themselves, like what they like, hate what they hate, and keep it to themselves. Agree, disagree, I don't care. It's my opinion.

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College during the day and a job at night. I've missed every single beta giveaway yet. :( It's really depressing considering I'm one of the first followers of LBP. I can't count how many people I've had to tell about this game.

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Why care about delays and whatnot. It's FREE. I repeat FREE!!!! It's not like you're going to lose out on anything if you don't like.

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I care a lot!

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Once again, I'll stick with physical media. I like being able to take a disc over to my gf or parents house to watch a movie with them or even let them borrow it if I can't be there long enough to finish it.

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"Q: Whats it like when you die?
A: It's just like before you were born... remember?"

Bubbles for you. I like people like you.

I believe when you die you simply cease to exist. That's it. Done. Over. Finished. Notta. Nothing. You are no more and will have no recollection of ever being.

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For anyone on the fence because of these articles, it's a must play! I'd go so far as to say it's a good buy since it has two endings and you can play through the game again with all the stuff you unlocked so it has good replayability. I'm not even a star wars fan and I thought this game was ridiculously awesome. So if you are a Star Wars fan you'll love it, of course if you are a Star Wars fan you've probably already went out and got it :p

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Why is everyone putting this game down? I swear most of these reviewers wouldn't know a good game if it bit them in the ass. I'm not even a star wars fanatic and I thought this game was amazing. If you are a fanatic this game fills an important gap between the two trilogies perfectly and is worth every moment. I've played through it twice now since you can play through a second time with all of the stuff you unlocked the first go around. The game is beautiful and very fun. If it sucks for you...

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To the times of games taking 20 hours or more to complete. Look back at the Playstation 1 era. I remember reading in gaming magazines when they would gloat about how long the game was. Maybe I'm thinking too much of RPGs. I dunno. I just can't really remember any games that I owned back then that took 8-12 hours to beat. Heck I'd play for hours a day weeks at a time. Games like RE2 and whatnot come to mind.

Or maybe I just screw around too much in my games :p

All th...

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That's it. I'm not buying this game because the game's drug names aren't the same as real drug names. If I'm going to bask in the glory of substance abuse then I want it to be authentic........

Seriously, is ANYONE READING this article at all? It's just name change. Get your heads out of your asses and read the article if you are going to leave a comment. If the name of a drug in a game is what defines and effects the experience you have with said game, then I fee...

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Well that's crappy. I live in America and creativity and skill here has gone to hell. Guess I'm stuck playing levels made by tards. I'm not saying everyone in America is a tard, but it's definitely the majority. If you live in America and aren't a tard, then I'm sure you agree.

4419d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment have to make a "This game sucks." comment to be cool. *rolls eyes* How about you wait until it comes out to see if it is still a "lost cause" as you "cool people" deem it to be.

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If you're going to capitalize things, at least capitalize the first letter of the first word in your sentences.

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I feel your pain. I actually bought UTIII when it first came out because I had money in my pocket and wanted to spend it on my new ps3 and it seemed like a good idea. Yea..... :/

I mean the modding was cool and all, but after a while, the whole "run of the mill fps" feel gets tiresome.

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Another con is that the physics in the game suck. I've actually had to make my bridges less architecturally rigid in order for it work. It defies natures laws..?

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"If you're doing a game like people just want to do games now, the 360's the better platform."

Lets analyze this. "If you're doing a game like people just want to do games now.." How do developers seem to want to do games now? Oh yea, the easy lazy way. Hmm, since most people (developers) seem want to "do" (develope) lazily now, that would mean what he is saying is "If you are doing a game the lazy way, then the 360 is the better platform."...

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My copy works fine. I played it from midnight to 3am this morning on my 80GB PS3 and it's worked flawlessly. Not one glitch. Nothing. PERFECT!!!!

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