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The UK blocking the deal isn't the end all be all, but it does mean that the EU might also block it. Meaning all of Europe no longer an option. On top of the litigation MS has going with the FTC suing MS for the same reason the UK blocked the deal. Either way this is turning into a nightmare scenario for MS one which is not looking good. If Europe and the US say NO Asia will fall in line. With the exception of China hence the article.

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This is why I no longer buy into the hype train. If a game is good I will support it like Elden Ring, if it sucks well then it sucks. Now a days not even proven developers get the benefit of doubt from me anymore Cyber Punk was the game that changed the way I support any game moving forward. A year wouldn't have changed that their ambition didn't match the expectations that they help create.

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Wrong it's sustainable the problem is error margins vs profitability games have to hit otherwise investors pull out. So if a GaaS is a hit it just keeps earning in perpetuity of as long as the community wants it to be, their is a symbiotic relationship if the community stops caring no matter how good a GaaS is it stops being profitable. So it's a good idea to have those kinds of games to off set the risks in single player games. GaaS aren't immune to being irrelevant specially if ...

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FIFA sells more than COD has that made EA make the game better no. The same with COD in many ways it's stale AF and Activision loved microtransactions so no popular doesn't mean good.

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GTA has been doing them since they were pixelated BS excuse just be honest you mofos rushed a game that was more ambitious for its own good. IMO they went from the cream of the crop to releasing one of the most disappointing games ever. CD project red should just shut up and prove themselves with their next game.

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Yes let's deliver crap looking at you Cyber punk and now GTA trilogy, the most troublesome aspect is that these publishers and developers aren't indy devs but what you could have considered the best of the best. Rockstar and CD Project red would have been day one buy's for me now I will wait because if you want to charge $70 for new releases you better not sell a broken incomplete mess.

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Nothing to see here, it was NOT a cash grab at all. Oh wait we will just port the worst version in recent history with zero quality control. Rockstar can be added to the long list of developers that will no longer get the benefit of doubt, terrible look for them.

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Just be happy with your choice, it's bad enough that people can't get their hands on either console. Halo and Forza aren't going to magically help MS manufacture more consoles for them to sell.

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I rather buy games I want at full price instead of having access to a bunch of games I have no interest in. At first glance game pass seems like the better option if your strap for cash and just want the most bang for your buck. IMO both services lack long term appeal since MS has very few AAA games worth the service and Sony is reluctant to put their day one releases on PS Now.

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I got a switch lite just for portable gaming, I'm cool with it at first I was hesitant because of all the joycon drift talk, but I'm covered with warranty up to 3 years. BoTW is cool, plan on getting Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing and since I already have a PS5 I'm good not getting the OLED.

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Sony needs to do better with the PS Plus service? If that's the case them what should Nintendo do? They are charging $50 for N64 and Sega games and some DLC. Yeah I think the article should have been about Nintendo not Sony.

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Are you really trying to justify Nintendo's lazy attempt at upgrading the Switch? I get why they aren't going all in on a next generation Switch right now but let's no act like Nintendo is doing something that most people want by just upgrading their screen. I bet that if you asked most Nintendo fans what would they rather have a better screen or a Switch pro or whatever they end up calling it they rather have new hardware.

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Sony didn't seem to care all that much until dbrand opened their mouths, as you mentioned they are going after every manufacture that is selling knockoffs. Moral of the story don't poke the bear, they should have kept their mouths closed and off of Sony's radar. FYI all these corporations are like this when it comes to protecting their property and they often pick and choose who they go after.

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These greedy bastards want 70 bucks for a trilogy on current gen that you could have pick up on sale on the PS4. It's going to be fundamentally the same game with better frame rates. I see myself buying very few games at 70 with how things are going, specially games with micro transactions.

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Cock fighting is where you draw the line? Yeah let's disregard the murderous vigilante justice that the main character undertakes. I swear do some of you even think it through before posting about irrational emotional outrage that makes zero logic.

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@ Claudionmc

Power is not debatable what good has that done for the xbox one x? I swear some people just can't wrap their heads around Sony and even Nintendo for that matter prioritizing what matters most and that's games. If you like MS's approach more power to you but that strategy hasn't worked and the minute Sony drops trailers for their anticipated sequels nobody will care that much. If the Switch can outsell the mighty powerful xbox x what does that re...

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Are you a developer? No because multiple devs have stated the power difference not being a factor, and yet you have xbox fanboys having meltdowns over a damn demo. Multiple developers have stated that the SSD and CPU in both consoles will change game design they both have strengths and weaknesses. Yet more developers keep praising the PS5 more why? Is it a coincidence or do they know their life just got easier because they know what the SSD capability means to ...

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As the saying goes you get what you pay for I don't want a super expensive console not because I couldn't afford it but because I want enough people to be able to adopt the new console to make it viable. I remember the NEO-GEO and Sega Saturn great tech for the time but hardly anyone bought them because they where super expensive. What good is it to have the latest and greatest if there aren't enough people to play with.

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This idea that Sony has to react to MS is equally puzzling, Sony isn't doing anything much different than when they launched the PS4. Yet the criticism over not revealing "enough" information is just being used by those that don't even care about PS as some sort of excuse to pile on Sony. Personally I trust Sony since they have a proven track record of delivering games, plus they still have games coming soon so I'm cool with them taking their time. If we are to believe t...

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I'm not just talking about this demo and Epic I'm talking about how Sony has better working relationships with other companies period. This why they get exclusive games from studios like Fromsoft and why Kojima chose Sony. It's also the reason why Japanese developers choose PS over MS, regardless of what some people say about those games. Yes these companies pay for exclusive rights but I've never heard of paying for demos, the real reason is that Epic choose the PS5 to showca...

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