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The specs are quite underwhelming. They are comparing this product to a virtual movie theater but the headset screens are only 720p while in movie theaters they are 4k or about 2160p. For this being their 3rd gen product and not even being 1080p is disappointing.

Virtual Image Size
750 inch in 20m distance

Display Resolution
1280 x 720

Field of View
45 degree

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Because in Japan it came out first in 2010 as a DS game so naturally a much later version on the PS3 sold less.

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@RedHemi300c, I agree that just releasing first is no guarantee, key negotiations need to happen.

In the case of the Dreamcast however they failed to get EA to publish any games for them; that was quite a unique situation and quite a fiasco for them.

In more recent examples, the Xbox360 was able to secure exclusives ahead of the PS3 launch and the 3DS did the same ahead of the Vita launch.

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It seems that this analysis is taking a short-term approach. It only considers the profits for this coming year without accounting for later.

The article uses a simple consumable product (newspaper) compared to a product that consists of a generation platform (console) followed by platform-tied products (games).

My point, is that a company might loose more money in the long run (market share of next generation) by only focusing on the short-term profits.

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Personally, I think that the industry is being too narrow minded. Why not offer a real difficulty selection on all games. That way the casual gamers can play on "super easy" and still play and enjoy a game like Demons Souls while the hardcore purist can play the same game on "ultra difficult" and brag about it. The same goes the other way too, why not have difficulty levels even in games like Mario for the same reason. Too often some games have either not selectable di...

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The game was released in Japan on January 9, 2010

from "

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Personally my favorite Star Wars games were Jedi Knights back on the PC and KOTOR.

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I agree with Stealth20k. While personally the PSP\Sony has more games to suit my taste, there is no way the PSP2 can beat the 3DS (salewise). All Nintendo needs is to release Mario Kart 3D, Zelda and some new Pokemon game, case closed.

The only thing that could slow the 3DS would be for the units to have an RROD-like flaw and be proven to damage eyesights... and even then it would probably still win its handheld generation.

Sony's only achievable goal i...

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There is something wrong on that site ( for me, using Firefox, when I try to scroll down it automatically refreshes and jumps back to the top of the page.

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Marumaru in Blue Dragon because of his voice.

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They are coming out first, at least 6 months before any competitor, they have announced a good line-up to please most gaming fans, it will be the first handheld with 3D display and a 3D camera, etc.

So they can easily justify this price at launch, then 6-9 months later when the PSP2 comes out, do a small price cut to steal the spotlight again.

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Tomorrow is when Nintendo announces the 3DS release date so it's a no brainer that those will be 3DS games.

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I agree with you, with a strong marketing push toward kids, it could do well for the holidays.

The only thing that could derail those plans is if Nintendo pulls a surprise and release the 3DS in the US in November\December. Then a lot of parents will opt for the 3DS instead of Kinect. If however Nintendo keeps the 3DS in Japan for this year and not in the US, then Kinect should sell well, for an add-on.

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The article date history makes a good case and the fact that they had so many working units at E3 shows they were well pass the early prototype stage. Anything is possible.

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Doesn't this mean that it won't work with all those gun accessories if you can't shoot with the trigger? Seems like a very silly oversight. Maybe they can patch a button remap option.

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Not sure what region you are in but there is a demo out for Ruse.

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True story: I read about the Ico and SotC announcement this morning about 3D support. I immediately started browsing for HDTV prices that support 3D for the same size as the HDTV I have now (I wouldn't want to downgrade) which is 65". Result: too expensive for me for now. I've been an early adopter of a few things but this won't be one of them.

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3D for Ico and SotC? Wow, I might have to start looking at 3D TVs after all...

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I wonder if they will release the demos that Anton M. and Dr. Marks were using to show the move in all their demonstrations. Would be nice if it was an available download.

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Also, you would expect MS to have a list of what Serial Numbers was sent to which tester, so even if it is sold by someone else from another city, they will know where it came from... unless it was stolen and the S/N is filed off.

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