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I'd love to get my hopes up too but this is from an official site that still lists gta4 as coming out in october in their releases calendar.

I'm also dubious about Wipeout HD when it too is described as being for "July - September" when it is listed under November.

Here's to hoping though....

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AKI are responsible for the best fighting engine bar none. The original Def Jam game used it & that's why it was as fun! The biggest ball dropper for this new mediocre game isn't the fact it's a clunker, it's that the controls have been horribly mapped & there doesn't seem to be a way (at least not in the demo) to end the fight! Incredibly dissapointing...

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buy it 2nd hand. Then EA won't see a single penny off you & (hopefully) you'll enjoy the first ever decent Superman game.

I'm hoping we don't have another Superman N64 Fiasco. That was possibly the worst game EVER made.

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in their eyes, christmas is ruined!!!! In a lot of other eyes, they couldn't care less as a load of people are going to wait a year or two for the price drop.

Personally, I didn't mind the push-back as I don't have to decide between the Wii or PS3 & i've got more time to save up money

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I hit "Lame" on the voting when i meant "cool" :( Now I look like a goober.

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Hudson should be able to do that, I mean they did just release a poor remake of bomberman, why not remind everyone else why the original was the shiznat at console parties.

Would love Nukem but 3D Realms haven't been respectful to their fans in a LONG time (over the 'Forever fiasco' so i'll believe it when i's see's it.

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and £10 to £15 cheaper than the RRP of 360 games, the Wii could make a killing!

Not bothered about no DVD player, seeing as my house has 4 stand-alone players, a PS2, a pc with a DVD writer, a 360 & a laptop with a DVD-ROM...I just want to game on my wii (still sounds slightly wrong)

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If this is indeed true then what irks me is that if I was to pay such a fee, I don't think any of that money would get back to the publishers/developers of the game & instead would line the coffers of Sony. Which sounds worse than a videogame shop pocketing the money from pre-owned games (most independant game retailers make their bread on pre-owned games)

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I've waited too long on a Duke Nukem sequel, but when that Megadeth riff starts up, I'll be chewin bubblegum baby

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Staying up until 5am. Oy. Thank God one of my radio shows updated at exactly the same time otherwise i'd be serially pissed right now

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Microsoft were the same. They listed a ton of things you could do with your 360 that we had to wait 6 months for the upgrade to make it all work properly. Hang your fanboy hat on the rack & mellow out.

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Figures, with the ECW brand extension we'll be getting a roster circa Wrestlemania this year with wrestlers like Mark Henry, Great Khali & Joey Mercury who are certainly going to be fired or released sometime this year (there's also the fact JBL retired to be a ringside announcer) so it's a bit sad that the game will feel 6 months old even on it's launch date! Great to see the inclusion of the the luchadores & Kid Kash (no Paul London?!) but undoubtedly everyone will be playing this p...

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I hardly think it's their own fault that their ps2's lay dormant in their cupboards because they ain't "run of the mill gamers". In their words, most games are "same old, same old" & pretty graphics on a $300 or $600 console isn't going to change their minds. You can class them as "nostalgic" if nostalgia means the days of gameplay before graphics.

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all they want to know is when the Wii comes out! You obviously have issues with Nintendo, were you a Zelda fan burned by Wind Waker's graphics? Dude, it's been 3 years! GET OVER IT!! :p

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interesting but, taking SETA as an example, i find it improbable.

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That puts a lot more pressure on Sony for the Tokyo Games Show to remind consumers why they're #1 in the videogames market.

a repeat of E3 (i hopefully doubt) & there'll be yet even more negativity leading into the PS3's launch.

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HDTV's are necessary to get the most out of BOTH formats. Both formats can upscale the quality on original DVD's. Either there'll be a clear winner or both formats will go the way of Laserdisc. Regardless, the PS3's installed base WILL help sales in the short-run & give Sony a slight edge leading into the long-bitter feud that will probably be the highlight of next summer when most film studios will release their most popular films with as much content as they can cram.

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...but at the risk of alienating consumers down the line who readily adopted the HD-DVD player add-on. Mind you, that happens with every format war. I still know cinephiles clinging to their laserdisc players, refusing to let go!

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when the ps2 launched, the average household did not have a DVD player. Yes, the ps2 was brought mainly for gaming but every gamer who didn't have a DVD player brought their favourite movie to see what it looks like on their new console. That was the hook. I remember being wowed by the matrix DVD compared to my already ratty VHS copy. 3 weeks after showing this off to my father, guess what? He went out & brought his own stand-alone DVD player for the lounge.

Of course, DVD ...

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if you're going to live by such a dumb statement then wait 2 years to see who actually comes on top. Then you can buy your system & games for half the price they'd of been originally & you can sleep soundly knowing you got the ultimate console.

Otherwise, stop this incessant arguing which is being spurred by hormone-imbalanced teenage gamers across the world. Hell, you wait those two years & your balls might finally drop

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