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Omg seriously wat is wrong with Sony fan boys he just said he liked gears of war 3 and everyone saying BS about him please do get life Sony fan boys if u r gamer at least spend some times on ur console not coming to N4G and try to ruin someone opinion about the game which he likes and it's not on ps console that's one of the reason I won't join ps community because is full of immature and rude and selfish fans

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Yeah ok lol

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Like failstation 3.5 only got one exclusive game at launch with lots of indie games lol

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Because he said epic night it means epic gonna announce something lol oh yeah guess wat I has epic night last night dose it mean I was with epic ? I do love Sony fan boys they bring up something from nothing

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When the dust settles you and kaz will get married

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Is that Sony secret sauce can u give us ingredients ? Is it dolmio tomato sauce , meatball , oil and onion ?

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I don't have to wait I'll get my console at 22nd guess wat it's Xbox one

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All I heard from Sony fan boys we got enough game for ps4 now u want gears of war and titanfall on ps4 woow just to remind u if Microsoft want to keep it exclusive they will so please stop adding titanfall and gears of war to ur wish list

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Most awful but for Sony fan boys is always the best because they gonna be busy to get something about Xbox one to bash it on Internet so one or two games is enough for them :)

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Woow Sony fan boys got nothing better to do than bashing Xbox one lol

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Since when vgchartz become so accurate I don't believe a tiny bit from vgchartz anymore they are always wrong two weeks ago Xbox one had 39000 for cod ghost and last week they had 8000 I wouldn't believe it I stopped trusting vgchartz ages ago

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I am Xbox fan and tbh with everyone the way Microsoft going god help them I hope they not gonna end up like dreamcast console if they do I would say goodbye to my gaming life

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Guess wat Sony fan boys I still gonna get my Xbox one not ur crappy ps4

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If ps4 had higher score the magazine would have been the best magazine ever typica Sony fan boys

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Nobody asked for ur opinion why don't u just go and comment on ur fav console which is ps4 and stop trolling on any articles about Xbox one

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@muerte2494 how about if we blame drive club delay on Xbox one too selfish fan boy ?

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Drive club u mean ridge racer ? Infamous sucks like rest of it they used to make it's not all about graphics it's about gameplay and story too the order 1866 bloody hell there is too many horror games coming out so who cares about it evil within will be better than the order and next time make sure Sony dev not gonna try steal gears of war gameplay for the order lol

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Not again pc footage lol

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@xphearr3dx oh yeah he's crappy dev because he's saying something against ps4 but if it was indie devs praising ps4 which only made $10 games it would be truth. I never seen fan boys being too selfish and ignorant and butthurt like u

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Yoshida saying he doesn't know and after afew hours someone from Sony just bring it up and saying its native 1080p I do smell more BS from Sony than Microsoft

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