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So if l4d 2 gets ported over to the ps3, what are the chances that the same will happen with mass effect?

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Not to mention that i think its highly more accurate then the wii motion plus. Sony wand its truly 1:1 ratio. But i won't lie, Microsoft project natal is a better version of sony eye toy. It has lots of potential.

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Sony really just has to focus on lowering the price for the ps3. The ps3 has lots of great exclusive games, but the price point is holding it back right now. if it drops a 100 bucks then it will be at the sweet spot. In my honest opinion, i think that the only reason the ps3 is lacking behind it the sells department is cause of its price.

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Infamous rocks! I cant wait for the next one!

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Sony is doing the same thing apple did with the iphone. Eventually they will lower the price. All big companies do this type of thing. They over price the new technology, so that they could make money off the impatienced people. If the go is to much, then just get the 3000 model.

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Wow that was totally unexpected! Might rent it first and see how it fairs. And i just ended infamous as a good guy, and i most say that the story was way better then i expected. the ending is crazy.

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As soon as i am done with infamous, i will definitely pick up prototype.

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Why would ps3 fans hate? When they can play both.

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Prototype and infamous are going to keep me very busy this summer. :)

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Sony is trying to target the hardcore gamer with their motion controller! Well thats interesting, and all this time i thought they were going after the wii crowd.

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As for as presentation microsoft won but when it comes down to content and exclusive sony won.

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Seth is the most cheesiest boss in fighting game history.

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psn id topgunner12 ad me :)

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that is playstation 3 gameplay, not xbox.

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another great score!

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they just need to make the console more affordable. they just need a little price cut.

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Its no a port of the 360, so therefore it will look equally on par, or even better then the 360 version. The game has been in development for the ps3 for the past years now, ever since it was announced.

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Of course it wont impress you, its not available for the 360.

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if famitsu gives the game a bad score, that means the game is good. When famitsu gives a game a good score that when you should be worried.

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Sony has been saying this for the past 2 years already, that exclusive from third party titles are no more. The next best thing to game exclusivity is exclusive dlc.

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