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I think they are doing just fine now; after they jerked off all last generation. At least they are releasing the games I want as a gamer

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You just got embarrassed today my non-friend...

12 million by Jan. They only need 1 more million. Easy in 3 months.

Guess you got schooled, and it is your fault that you got that way


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I haven't logged into this site in quite sometime due to some terrible mods; however, I wanted to post to you that I work at Gamestop part-time currently and you are exactly right. An employee told me, Gamestop instills the belief that they are a luxury store, and when people come in, they have a lot of disposible income, and it is our job to obtain as much as that.

As a supporter of the local store in the town I live in, I was disgusted and still disgusted by this attit...

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@StrayaKNT is exactly the type of tool fanboy that tries to justify his purchase by saying whatever comes out his a** and then follows up with "In my Opinion" ROFL

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Wrong Post Location

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So you have fake loyalty if you can only afford 1 system?

Stupid logic

How about saving that $400+ for the çonsole choice you made and buy like 7+ games. You know, the things that should be the most important part of being a gamer. Just don't be a fanboy and try and justify your purchase over someone else's.

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You get the troll bubble of the day award =)


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Just going to say my piece; I'm all for and even encourage women to play video games and I'm glad to see them play; however, the equality thing is getting old. Because I look at it this way, if women want equality to men, then they need to drop "tradition". Women expect the man to ask them out, open the door for them still, etc. But they want equality? You can't have them both. Women need to take the same leaps men do when it comes to cert...

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2 different publishers...

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Some people must be handicapped... Disagreeing with a truthful statement

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Of course it won't, Journalists are a bunch of tools. That is why I ignore articles that are clearly click bait; because in no way shape or form do I want to support their site full of garbage and don't care what happens to their career. Good Journalists won't make lies or stupid opinion pieces to incite arguements, etc. For ratings. Bad Journalists will...

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Sorry to say, but I want Frozen in the game.

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I got mine today, it is beautiful. But the dragon is a little small.

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Even thought I'm extremely skeptical of the game at this point; I will reserve one through Amazon (since I'm out nothing right now) and wait for the beta to hopefully help with my decision. For all we know, it could end of being amazing then anyone who cried foul before will be scrambling for this edition. Also, March is pretty clear right now for games, so we will see.

I would not put a deposit down at GameStop because they would have you place at least $25 to $50 ...

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Christ, you get the game (which you pay for) if you crowdfund it. Otherwise you don't have too and just wait for the game to launch. Otherwise seriously all, stfu

I personally don't care what they do; it is just a method for you to support their vision now then later and you still get the product. Regardless, I wish them luck trying to get 11 million dollars...

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Rainbow Six: Siege I'm very much excited for over The Division at this point. Even Ghost Recon: Wildlands is more exciting.

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Yea, I'm quite worried about the actual game... I don't want to get burned again like Destiny did for me.

Maybe the actual beta will change my mind; but the alpha/beta for Destiny was fun as shit too and look at the end result...

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And your point? I would much rather see an improved faster battle system. Keep the story intact, but improve the fights (keep the same fights mind you).

Don't be that whiny purist that you likely are anyway... I bet I'm older then you; and I loved FF7 as well and I would like to see improvments to a 20 year old game

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@Skate-AK. It was confirmed by Adam Boyes that they are supporting and funding it.

Regardless, Sony won E3. Both had amazing conferences, but Sony blew the doors down with amazing games exclusives and showcasing 3rd party games, while dropping bombshells.

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