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I logged in here just to disagree with your comment.

On topic: So excited to play this game again. Was waiting for this patch.

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New Game Plus mode was promised in E3. Hopefully is is released soon.

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New to Destiny. Love it. So much to do. Gameplay is great.

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God of War is incredible. Best game I have ever played. The combat is so fun that losing/repeat fights is actually enjoyable. Regarding the completion percentage. It is a really good considering it is easy to get sidetracked by any of the sidequests or just exploring the world. This game is not short by any consideration.

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Death Stranding in my opinion was the most interesting game on display. From the trailer is easy to see it will be an action-stealth game, and it will be most likely open world. I expect it to be somehow similar to MGS5 (gameplay-wise) but you playing as a courier so no cqc or calling airstrikes. Missions will be carried out transversing this harsh world by foot most of the time, but how is this any different than say Fallout 4?

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The flow of the presentation was wrong. I am starting to think Naughty Dog is to blame. Sony (or ND) gave TLUS P.2 special treatment above any other first party exclusive. They went as far as having a stage just for it and then people had to be moved to a new place for the rest of the presentation. It was stupid.

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Valve will take care of scams, and other unworthy stuff. The issue here is political more than technical.
Valve is saying they don't want to censor content based on prejudices or feelings. All legal content will be allowed. If anyone doesn't like some content feel free to filter it out.
I strongly support Valve's position.

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And your comment reminded me of the last game from Ninja Theory: Hellblade. Just finished it, amazing game. The combat was glorious, so tense and personal. No jump button whatsoever. There are a lot of similarities between GoW new combat system and Hellblade's. So looking forward to the new GoW.

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Star Citizen is the F35 of the game industry.

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Perhaps the noteworthy point is the technique running on gpu. So the weak cpu on the ps4 is freed to do other things. Also i dont think this game is procedurally generated As no mans sky. I am not sure for certain but I would bet that most of the world is hand crafted with an extra layer of procedurally generated items.

Irishguy guy is eager to bash the game based on nothing. Sad and funny at the same time.

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PC can go to hell for all I care, but since The Tomb Raider reboot I enjoy having a good look at the female protagonist while I play :D. Lara's ass is lovely. Hopefully the camera in this uncharted game is not over the shoulder like in the video, I would love to check Chloe's assets.

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Agree. I myself am getting games when they are within the cads$ 20 mark. Mostly single player games mind you. For people wanting to play multiplayer games there are so many new games out now, but time and money are limited. Making things worse titanfall, cod and battlefield all released at the same time. Same genre, similar gamaplay, same market.

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LOL deafrag. It seems to me you are a little over excited. I am not saying DF is wrong or blaming them for anything

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NOthing that a quick patch can't solve. Those guys at DF are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Devels are getting used to the Pro while spending most of the time optimizing for the og consoles. Hopefully Ubisoft issues a patch rather sooner than later

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I think this is a non issue. Digital F is concerned about the last of us dropping framerates when it should not. Common sense indicates it will be fixed. It looks to me that ND just didnt have enough time to optimize the 1080p mode.

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Now this is more I like it. I expect (hope) pro patches to improve framerate or/and graphics when playing on 1080p TVs (almost everybody)

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What about input lag ? As far as I know that is the biggest issue with those tvs

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All the talk about 4k is boring really. I get Sony want to sell 4k tvs but come on every pro patch should include a 1080p enhanced mode, if not better framerate at least improved assets or lighting. I know many games do it but I dont like the fact is not a pro policy. A developer can choose to patch for 4k and call it a day.

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Yes it is their choice though a bad one IMO. I actually like Ratchet and Clank, it is a pity game is not 60fps at least on the PRO, I guess they dont want to spend much on it.

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This is very very dissapointing actually. It was already dissapointing that the game werent 60fps on og ps4. It is un excusable no improving the framerate and only pushing for 4k. This is a platform game for fok sake. Totally lame that insomniac is only interested in graphics and no in fluidity.

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