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i learned from this website a couple of months ago that Capcom is a money grubbing whore machine when it comes to-- well money. Sow why are people surprise that they want more money. Of course they would release it on all three systems. Still, at least everyone can be happy... up until the point when a PS3 fanboy starts saying that his version is better than the x-bots version and not even bother mentioning the wii. yeah, everything will be the same as usually here on N4G.

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but it just looks like a generic FPS... why can't they make like (i know i am going out on a limb here) a contra FPS? I dunno, just stupid I guess, but all FPS look too alike to me

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Is made of epic win

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that defending something this arbitrarily is awesome. i mean i have never seen anything like this, defending companies (i include myself when it comes to nintendo) that could care less what we think as long as you keep shelling out the dough. man, 175 comments, at least 80% are arguements amongst fans. how awesome it is to be a gamer

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i was thinkingthe same thing... oh wait that's because most sites are anti-nintendo and anything taht will make the overpriced ps3 or the 360 look remotely bad compared to these two over hyped disappointments (hey face it the ps3 was overhyped, and most of you idiots defend it to life's end cuz you wanna justify paying 600000000000000 dollars for a blu ray).

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real bad graphic wise. as a nintendo lover, why am i going to fool myself. it looks terrible, but frankly, i didn't get a gaming system for pretty graphics, or overpriced dvd players, or to have a black refridgerator in my living room, i got it for gameplay in all honesty. so far the wii has given me that in the handful of games i have bought. frankly, if gameplay is great for this, it'll be added to my collection, if not, it'll just be another title in the great landscape that has become w...

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gets lived up to. it has, but more likely than not, sleeper hits are the better of the games out there.

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and predictable. i dont know if the guy was serious, for what it was worth, it was laughable. if that was its intention then okay. i probably would have had echo the dolphin or aero the acrobat just because that would be obvious of its ironic intentions. well, like I said, if the guy didn't take too long thinking this up, and its purpose was to be 'funny' then he passed- barely.

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now i know.

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what does IP mean? what do the letters stand for? thanks to anyone who answers

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yes, sony may be able to match nintendo's casual market, but that only goes as far as games... but price, sony cant afford to drop its price of its games nor its system. its true that any company could do what nintendo is doing, but what casuals want is cheap cheap cheap, and sony doesnt really do cheap (price wise).

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he already said this in nintendo power... 5 months ago. he said he couldnt get into who he cut, but that ridley had been he considered for a split second then realized the proportions wouldnt have been good enough to the rest pof the characters

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i can assure you that people will still be complaining about how childish they are and how uninovative their games are and how they dont do anything new and how they are a generation behind. and then there will be the inevitable idiot who thinks that saying "yeah i owned the system and then SOLD IT!!!" is a witty remark.
so what I am saying is that nintendo is unpredictable in their hardware (who honestly can say they saw the function of the wii mote coming before its announ...

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i dont know why people hate the x-box. as far as I am concerned the x-box is a carbon copy of the playstation three aside from the graphics (and i am strictly talking about game play none of that hd/blu-ray etc). you play a game on one system and its identical in the other. the only difference would be the wii which is graphically (and most of the time) gameplay inferior because of its wii mote. whats the deal with the lame x-bot nickname. ps3 and 360 are the same- fps and rpg's.

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especially the lying about a retro game. the same could go for a "classic" movie or album. Even if you've never heard or seen it, you know enough about it to not have to get stuck actually watching, seeing or playing.

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what an idiot. go use your lame ass dual stick and leave superior controls for shooters to the wii. play prime 3 and then go back to your sissy halo 3 controls.

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but i will admit that i never played an 8-bit megaman. i started with megaman x. i will still be getting this to see how it is. Can't wait.

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and I like MKW actually. I dunno about the wii wheel since I haven't used it but the game was entertaining for what it was. I dunno what else to expect from a game where you go around tracks over and over and over again (I guess the same could be said about GT5P, but i haven't played that).

Rock Band is mediocre. Like I adamently say, if you wanna play an instrument then play an instrument. You usually play a game to release yourself from the real world and into a fantasy, so w...

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is it "confirming" or just speculating???

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and seven thousand other comments along those lines...

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