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that's exclusive to ps3 right? there you go, you get some cake and get to eat it too.

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how about Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

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here's my list....

SNES: overrated; Neo GEO: underrated:

SNES because it sold millions
Neo Geo didn't sell enough

And also, I knew some jerk was going to start bashing on consoles even though this article has nothing to do with consoles. Another thing, the comparison to wii and psp is really off... shouldn't it be psp to ds or some other handheld?

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what do you mean Nintendo fan boys complain. they have high expectations? thelast tim theyheld a comference most people assumed it would be a tacky game n were right. speculation? yes. expectation? none. the only fanboys that go around complaining are ps owner about how their system of choice is still weak in their expectations, but makes up for it in graphics. it's overcompensation for other important things it can't fulfill. sound familiar Vega?

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u might get deleted cuz you mentioned mgs4 n ur supervisor in the same sentence

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these comments that they are deleting are probably stupid, but not offensive so why delete them?
anyway, i would think different games would be up there for the ps3 sales and no surprises for 360 n wii. where r the handhelds though. those markets r usually higher in sales.

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but for someone who has a pic of a platforming ragdoll i dunno where your hardcore gaming comes from. I dunno, Mario has been jumping on platforms for well over twenty five years and people like you don't consider him hardcore. a game about shooting things comes out on the wii and the ps has manhunt, fallout, and a million other fps and all of a sudden ANOTHER fps isn't so hardcore anymore. Man PS3 fanboys need to all shut the hell up and let every other console player enjoy their games. ...

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but why bash a light hearted video with homophobic comments? stick to the N4G credo... if it's ps3 it's amazing, if it's x-box it's for driods and if it's wii it's outdated, but the people are not gay. jeez

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or anyone else.... what is homebrew and what is the twilight hack?

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or Wand of Gamelon should BOTH take that top honor of greatest in the history and future of video gaming

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from a guy who obviously doesn't know what "Overrated" means. Being really good and people really liking it doesn't make it overrated... overrated means being really bad (or mediocre) and people really liking it. Mario 64 was epic for its time and even now I find myself playing it with the same enthusiasm... how can something 10 years old that is still good be overrated?
Also I am just barely Playing RE4 for the first time and so far I must say it is pretty much everything...

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every system has its franchise as of now: 360 has the halo series, every ps3 owner drools over MGS right now and Nintendo has Zelda and Mario...
It's truth and it's a contemporary list which is addressed in the damn title.
You're just a flippin idiot

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but you're probably right. Like i've sid before, another star fox, f-zero,or kirby wii game would be awesome. Not that I don't like zelda but jeez, we had TP n Mario Galaxy, I want another game from another IP they own.
but more than likely it'll be another peripheral :-(

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they just aren't up to par with their classical, superior version of themselves of the past.

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I am tired of Miyamoto saying "Yeah Zelda and Mario are in the works" as though those are the only franchises that exist. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Zelda fan, but I played Twilight, loved it, give me Star Fox for Wii or F-Zero... how about Earthbound or re-invent Ice Climbers or the ever elusive Kid Icarus. Stop focusing on Zelda and Mario so much and give us one of your many other beloved franchises.

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does for Brawl what they did for Melee. That soundtrack was awesome and when I opened up my Nintendo Power and foudn that CD full of songs from Melee (which in turn were some of the best tunes at the time from Nintendo). I would love a Brawl soundtrack

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it's to give a view to those who haven't played it or even heard of it. I like most of the prior posts would read articles and just feel "bleh" about the game. Now that it got such high remarks I suppose it is wortha second look. Same for Boom Blox. Everyone assumed it was "Ultimate Jenga" until it was raved about. Some still think it's just jenga, others got a good game from it from reviews and word of mouth

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clear and simple. I have nothing against the system (obviously the system is a system) but ps3 fanboys are the easiest to stir up and by default they become everyone's biatch the second you say something negative about the ps3. Say the wii is lacking= truth. Say the wii is inferior in graphics=truth. say it is destroying the competition and it is killing sony fanboys up inside for some unknown reason= truth!!!
I love it. I don't pick fights just to pick fights. I love fanboys. ...

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3738d ago

it still came out cheaper then a PS3 at launch

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