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FF Versus-13 (or a FFXV game)
Uncharted 4
Ratchet & clank
naruto (or any other big anime fighter)
and meybe COD for some brainless Multiplayer.

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no one cares about that now bud, we got the app, why would anyone download every single vid they wanna watch when the app is out?.. the download thing was nce when we didnt have a we have one so the download trick is useless and pointless now.

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same here, i played the heck out of my vita and got 57% trophies on blazblue and pretty much done everything contentvise on it..i still have about half of dynasty warriors next, and season 2050 on wipeout.. and i havent even started uncharted yet, not a big UC fan but the game looks sweet...! i just gotta gather the will to play it soon :P... but yeah i have gotten abit of world of warcraft fever again so i have been playing wow the last 2-3 weeks so i havent been much on my other consoles. ...

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tbh honest..anything he says is correct, nintendo got great games and they are considered AAA NINTENDO games by nintendo standard..

all LX-general-kaos does is expressing his options.. but i know for a fact that he writes like he does because he likes to make ppl angry :P

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Pokemon..and all its reincarnations...

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ugly. i prefer my thrustmaster S.P.F case.

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to late sony TO LATE! i could have needed this when i actually had to buy a memory card..i had to go for 16 GB..its allright.. but jesus christ..i could have used a 32 gig to get lots of psp games.. my 16 gig will only be enough for future vita games.. so if i want more i'll have to buy another memory card.. which..i probably

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i would say 5-7 years...which is death sentence in gamer years.

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get Blazblue for the vita. if u finish the story and lvl to 20 and get all the art and pictures from the gallery you'll have over 100 awesome looking anime wallpapers :)

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diablo III is a MMO? does diablo III require internet to play?

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i know the vita's screen is better, but the two screen freakin look crisp, i'm not a techfreak, all i know is.. i have seen both screens and they are both crisp..

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don't really know that much about engines, but isnt cryengine 3 better than unreal?..ofc unreal would be more prefer since cryengine is only used for crysis or other crytech games :P

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well i got both a vita and a 3ds. and i must say the vita looks better, both in looks and screen-quality i don't know about the ipad since i don't own one, so i'll take my experience pased on the first ipad which had a screen similar to the vita, and they might have improved the ipad 3 screen.

most likely the ipad 3 screen is the best one, its alot bigger aswell so ofc its more enjoyable to look on..for movies..since the ipad is usless for games but i would prefer...

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sure i'll buy all the pwetty colors.. /s
they should do something in he line of blazblue continuum shift extend where they have a gallery where u can unlock more colors to ur characters by lvling up and paying in-game for them.

blazblue also got something like 100 art and pictures of characters and all that stuff sure not very interesting on the ps3 since u can just look on them while in-game..the good thing about that on the vita is u can take screenshot of them ...

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i'm one of those 20, i loved XIII-2 the world was alot bigger and noel was so much better than lighting, serah was boring but okey, i never used if i had the choice of playing as noel. and i like that u can capture monsters to aid u in battle. but, the lack of playable characters and story in XIII-2 made it my second most favorite game. true final fantasy XIII was linear but the story was so much more fun and interesting and touching and the story felt so much better on XIII and i liked ...

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i don't see a fair reason as to why the wikipad is actually better. all this dude writes about is how expensive the memory card is and how few games it got.
not of these things matter as to why wikipad is better that the PS vita.

the vita just launched so ofc it doesnt have alot of games.. and another thing, the wikipad is play app games.. thats not something to can compare with when mentioning the ps vita... vita games and app games aren't the sl...

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i feel sorry for apple fanboys :P they just can't accept that the vita is the best mobile gaming device whenever apple release a new iphone/ipad that might have better hardware spec they start bragging that its better :P..sigh*

but even this new ipad isnt as strong as the vita in hardware specs.. + the controls are far superior and the size of the ipad is to big to use as a handheld gaming, the ipad is for quality surfing on the web and watching movies and reading...

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great! can't wait :)

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yeah i will i hd a look at it and i will see what i can do about it when i get home, i allready found my house :)

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