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This has been debunked people, check the link:

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We can get a new Dead Rising but no Devil May Cry? *sigh*

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Would love to hear about a new Devil May Cry title (DMC5 that is).

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Devil May Cry 5 and Ninja Gaiden 4 is what we need!

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This engine with Unitys easement and asset store would make it totally boss!

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I guess the person who is hitting dislikes to all the comments is the article writer who has a few N4G accounts lol.

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Feel sorry for the fanboys who keep disagreeing to legit arguments to this retarded article. The first clear mistake is comparing it to the Order. Order didnt have multiplayer, Uncharted does. Secondly, how can it be old when what we have seen to date (i.e. the set pieces) are the best we have been of this generation so far? And how will feel old? How the hell do you redefine a game of this calibur? If anything they have built upon everything from the previous Uncharted game and then some too...

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Its Ninja Theory - All flash and glamour, but no substance in gameplay.

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I am going to wait till E3. If the new titles they announce wind up on PC, I will have absolutely no reason to keep my Xbox One. I aint even a Halo fan so could care less about the green steriod power ranger, but games like Quantum Break, ScaleBound, Gears, and Forza were the reason I wanted to keep the Xbox. Not anymore by the looks of it.

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Ryu looks boss!

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Looks a little over the top

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I still laugh at the Resident Evil 6 Logo. The 6 looks like a giraffe getting his hoohaa blown.

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I agree. The only trouble I have is David Cameron is showing signs that seem to be inspired by Trump, or in some factors, worse. Example - Muslim immigrants have to learn english within a set period of time or else they are sent back to their home country, yet this policy doesnt apply to people who are different nationalities who also live in the UK and dont speak english that are not of muslim origin or islamic faith. I also feel the knee jerk reaction to Syria where many people rallied agai...

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I admit that because of Steam and many others, piracy has almost become pointless because PC games do tend to be the cheaper end in comparison to console games (atleast here in UK anyways), but at the same time, just because 3DM isnt doing it, doesnt mean other hackers wont.

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It is platinum, and Hideki Kamiya - if his previous games are anything to go by, it will be a masterpiece.

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written by...donald trump

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hes 52! wow man looks very good for his age. Respect to him.

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Whether a title comes on Xbox or not is down to Kojima Production themselves, but from a business stand point it is fair to say and assume that there is a possibility. There are many developers who also dont like developing for Playstation, yet they do because of the potential sales numbers. It could be a case of Hideki Kamiya where he gives each title exclusive rights of his own game i.e. Bayonetta on Nintendo, Scalebound for Xbox etc.

We are also unaware what main stream en...

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What a retarded article, this part made me lol:

"Mr. Kojima is living two decades ago from today if he thinks his new studio being exclusive to one brand is a swell gesture. He lacks foresight and that scares me. If more like him encourage console wars, we’re guaranteed to get into caps-lock matches with each other until end times."

You are already getting the wrong end of the stick. His first title is coming on both PC and PS4, i.e. console exclusi...

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Why is this even considered bad news. This should motivate nintendo to stop making stone age consoles that can be cracked one way or another. It only took as little as 3 months to modchip the Nintendo Wii, and now a working emulator for the Wii U (only a matter of time before it is in full working order). How is it the original Xbox isnt even in a proper emulation stage? Says it all really.

Most emulators that have been heavily ranked i.e. PCSX2 as an example, can play most c...

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