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huh? those shares were non voting meaning sony had no say in square's decisions, and it's not like se is going exclusive to any one company especially microsoft as most of square's major franchises sell tons more on Playstation than they do on xbox. This article is a heap of junk.

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Scumbag!!! I hope u become a mutant and die a slow and painful death just like poor Crash Bandicoot did :'(

:p but in reality I can't guess at all what it could be. Maybe a ps4 exclusive or maybe a new ip from epic? Those are my 2 guesses.

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No xbone is in stock while ps4 shot up the charts to #1 and is sold out.

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.04% lol

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Sony Dominates in Spain and pretty much everywhere else in europe at that.

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there you will find that ps fanboys are nothing compared to the xbot cult on that website.

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Lol I lost some iq points reading your garbage. When has it ever been not Ok to use something that YOU PURCHASED THUS MAKING YOU THE OWNER OF THAT DEVICE? Is it not your property then if you cant use it early? No human wouldn't not use something if they got it early unless you are an xbot, xbug, or xboner.

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GTA has Culture cod ehhh not so much.

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You are best off getting a sony triluminos led tv. The w900a has one of the lowest latencies in the led industry and is the best tv on the market for gaming. The panasonic tf50pf50u is the top plasma you can get for the money and its latency is almost non existant. Samsung tv's have too much processing going on thus shitty latencies which sucks for gaming.

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SO I guess this guy forgot what sony's 1st party did with the "alien tech" that was the cell. What Sony's ICE team can do is equally or even greater than MS and their team. MS uses DX while Playstation uses opengl plus their their own stuff over it to get closer to coding to the metal.

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hey xtards killzone is 1080p 60fps in ALL of MP while the sp is 1080p 30fps. KI is 720p now lol. Knack is full 1080p as are ALL (except bf4?) of ps4's games. Have u seen RESOGUN 400,000 freaking voxels at 1080p60fps (DROOOOOOOL)!!!!!

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Damn that's a lot I love playing a game and then relaxing to a funny cutscene or something. 200 songs? Damn I wonder if Sony actually used there music studios powress to make a deal with rockstar and gta 5?

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yes definitely "Stealing and Copycatting" but it's not by who u think it is ;)

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This is one hell of a MP/MMO IDK what to say. I wonder if it's gonna effect future sales of cod, bf, ps4/xb1? If this game is as good as it's being hyped right now I wouldn't be surprised.

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You seem to be very delusional. How the hell do you make a ps4 vs xb1 comment when the comments ur replying to doesn't even mention xbox1 or ps4.

admiral makes a good argument. If it's not halo 5 then I wonder what it will be :D

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Oh I know about sony japan I can't wait for pupeteer, Rain, and old school platformer Knack :D

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I don't know I gotta ask Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and JAPAN :D, Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games,Sucker Punch, Polyphony, Ready at Dawn, Evolution, and Quantic Dreams if I need a PS4 ;)

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Seems like a great idea imo. It could even act like a portable illumiroom where the glasses can detect ur tv and add what illumiroom does directly to the lenses. At the rate tech. Is evolving This won't be too expensive in the next 2-3 yrs. Hopefully m$ has people who wear glasses in mind too.

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If PlayStation gets an even footing in the u.s. then the Xbox one stands no chance since ww ps4 will destroy the one. Europe is one of Sony's biggest strongholds and even in Asia PlayStation is top dog. And from preorders alone ps4 is destroying it's competition. Using amazon as a little poll the ps4 is on the 2013 best sellers list in all euro countries while xb1 is far below the ps4 or not even on the chart in some occasions.

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