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lol ^^

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same here, i wasn't even aware that there was online elements in D4.

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So has the UC3 smear campaign started already?
I know most of you 360 fanboys are acting retarded (at least i hope so) but....

A PS3 exclusive is never going to outsell a 360 exclusive in America simply because the install base is 2:1 in 360's favour.

That doesn't mean UC3 isn't going to do well worldwide and reach 5 million+ sales. After all, UC sales are on an upward trend unlike Gears. Which reminds me, didn't Bulletstorm bomb hard ...

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September - Atelier Totori
Oct - Twisted Metal
Nov - Uncharted 3

Hopefully this will come out right between Totori and Twisted Metal. Either way, Fall 2011 will be absolutely delightful for me.

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No it's not, Journey is my most anticipated game too because we know so little about it other than that it will be totally awesome.

There's nothing like this currently on the market. A game that focuses on exploration and OPTIONAL multiplayer. Not to mention the incredible art style and music.

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Elena looks prettier in UC3, i'm glad they fixed the glassy eyes from UC2 :)

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This caught my eyes during the sizzle reel, and i had to ask around for hours before getting my answer.

Love the variety of Vita's launch lineup.

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i'm not sure why, but i lol-ed pretty hard when the black dude broke Drake's spine from behind and the medal 'Oh Snap!' pops up :D

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you'll be happy with the changes they have made to the battle system then, since WKC2 basically addresses all of the problems you listed out.

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FFIV is a stretch, but i can see SE revamping Dissidia012 and CrisisCore. After all, they are definitely PSP classics.

The announcement i'm waiting for is VC3, Sega doesn't seem to have much interest in publishing it in the West. Let's hope this give them the push it needs.

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Not as weak as your trolling. If you are going to troll, do it properly.

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i got chills down my spine when they showed off the school and the music started playing, damn it reminds me so much of FF12.

Square's back to its old self? The FF magic is strong in this game that's for sure, it deserves the budget wasted on FF13.

edit: Assuming the extremely likely case that FF Type-0 gets the PSP Remastered Classics treatment, my BC-enabled PS3 will be able to play every single mainline FF title :)

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i can see that you are excited :3

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WTF seriously????

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honestly that transforming mech alone will sell the game to lots of people, especially closet Starscream fans ;)

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Really happy that Totori is finally coming over, i guess it bodes well for the Meruru :)

Rorona left a great impression on everyone i recommended it to, so it will be easy to sell them on the sequel.

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was expecting to get it this year but oh well...2011 is packed anyway.

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i'm trying so hard not to spoil myself but caved in after that gamespot interview.

The new firebird and ice launch ability is so gonna revolutionise the action mechanics. I've always wanted fast vertical and horizontal movement options in combat.

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good news just don't sell as well as bad news

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Sony's cozy relationship with both Google and Valve can only mean great things for us PS3 owners. I wonder if they are planning to use Chrome on NGP.

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