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That little bit of information overwhelmed you? That explains your posts.

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You either have no clue what you're talking about or are deliberately engaging in revisionist history.

Your profile shows you joined this site in 2017. Here are some things that happened before then:

1) There was a big push from users to get VGChartz banned from N4G. Their credibility was constantly challenged. They obviously were not banned.

2) Xbox coincidentally decided to stop reporting sales numbe...

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Halo Infinite.

"The decision to shift our release is the result of multiple factors that have contributed to development challenges, including the ongoing COVID-related impacts affecting us all this year."

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"Funny how COVID doesn't seem to be affecting Sony's game development."

I'm sure it has to an extent. Just as I'm sure other companies embellish the extent to which COVID was responsible for their development woes.

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I hope it includes the world tour mode like OG 5.

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Sony, Sony, Sony.

1) Sony had a "gaming subscription choice for its gamers" long before Xbox. What you mean to say is that Sony should imitate Xbox's Game Pass model by adopting a console agnostic business model that prioritizes the subscription service.

2) It's not just Sony. Nintendo also passed on the Game Pass model. That's 2 out of the 3 major home console producers, and it just so happens to be the 2 that have taken the indus...

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How is it now "completely the opposite" when Xbox never recovered the customers it lost over the initial Xbox One launch strategy? The gap has only grown in PS' favor since and has continued to grow since Game Pass was introduced.

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Apples and oranges. The save issue can be addressed with a temp save system without affecting the game's difficulty. I don't want the difficulty lowered. I don't want to be able to save scum. I just don't want to lose my progress to things that have absolutely nothing to do with skill or the game's difficulty.

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Adding an online based save and quit option that deletes the save when resuming wouldn't compromise the difficulty of the game. Unless losing progress to game crashes, system crashes, updates, power outages, doing something else with your PS5, and other non-diegetic (for lack of a better term) factors that aren't affected by skill are all intended to contribute to the difficulty, in which case that's just a cheap design choice.

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"There is no excuse for the lack of a save-and-quit feature. Period. That can't be abused. People saying there is no problem don't understand the complaint or are just being trolls."

Yup. I have yet to see anyone from the "no problem" camp address this point. Finding says you should come across a checkpoint if playing for a few hours. I did. Checkpoints don't help when a crash kills your run.

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I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to Razzer. You're the type who would argue up is down and stick to it if it suited your agenda. The playing ignorant act isn't winning you any arguments.

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Apparently exclusives don't hold any weight in Darth's grading despite Darth's admissions that enhanced last gen games are about the only thing they're playing until exclusives come and that PS consoles are their exclusives consoles. Darth admits Darth would play these games on Xbox if not for them being exclusive to PS, a personal testament to the impact exclusives have on persuading Darth to buy Playstations. Nevertheless, Darth does not wish to include such an important fac...

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Some people think they can't lose an argument if they don't concede losing the argument. You proved your point and didn't have to dig deep to do it. You know the deal. Orchard is the same one in the PSVR2 article insisting PSVR is a failure contrary to Sony's remarks and continued investment, but MS loses nothing if someone plays their game on PC instead of an Xbox because MS said they don't care about sales and started talking about MAUs conveni...

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You're contradicting yourself.

"The reason i dont emphasize exclusives like others do is because i dont restrict myself to one platform like many others do."

Except you emphasized two exclusives in your initial comment about how you would be playing previous gen titles until the "bigger, newer" games release. They were the only games you named in your comment. You didn't reference current gen multipla...

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"You can't make this up 😆"

But apparently you can make up subcategories for "market leader" to gift Xbox a W. Someone fetch me my tape measure. I think PS5 is the market leader for tallest console! 😂

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I'm sorry, but your statements don't add up. You say you don't put weight on exclusives, but you said in your initial comment that you love that both offer improvements to existing games, as they're all you play until bigger, newer games come. Which you specifically listed as Ratchet and Halo, two exclusives, despite a number of big, new multiplats being currently available for PS5 and Series S/X.

"I love that both offer impr...

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"Yeah, I think an F is ridiculous."

An F isn't ridiculous for a 6 month report card. I disagree more with giving the PS5 an A+ (or an S), but you accidentally hit on something. Standards ARE lower at launch. That's why it's justifiable to give Xbox an F for launching with nothing.

Defenders try to downplay PS5's launch lineup, including in this comment section. Demon Souls is just a PS3 game? Okay. Wh...

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There is no making sense of it. You've been gaming since forever. What other system has launched without any new exclusives?

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"Pepe saying the Xbox one launch was bad, if that's the case the PS4 launch was to, there were no bloody exclusives for the first two years of either consoles life."

That's a flat out lie argued in bad faith to carry water for Xbox. A few of you are using this tactic of trying to move from the objective to the subjective to draw a false equivalency between Xbox and PS.* Knack, Killzone SF, and Infamous SS are all 1st party exclusives that released on PS4 b...

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MS is still being treated like an underdog and graded on a curve going on 20 years in the console business. This is after they phoned it in and coasted the previous gen and didn't release anything with the One X launch. There should have been an increased expectation for them with the S/X launch. The grading rubric for that report card must range from B-A. No Cs, Ds, or Fs given. Sony supported PS4 with TLOU2 and GOT last year. It looks worse for MS if you include 3rd party and timed excl...

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