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The fact remains Square Enix has only made a handful of games since becoming Square Enix,before that SquareSoft made one epic game after the other and Enix made some gems but when the merged they just lost there shit.They try there hardest to ruin games we all love.Case in point Final Fantasy series is garbage now and all they do with FF is make remakes and other cash grabs over and over again,and complain when we don't buy there crappy games.

Furthermore look at Front ...

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Boobs what a wonderful thing.

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Resonance of Fate is a solid game,Yakuza 3 is awesome one of the best games I've played so far this year..but I expected it since i loved Yakuza 1&2.I myself would add another game to that list Infinite Space which is awesome.

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My stats on the website stayed the same from Sunday night to Wednesday night and even when they updated the stats they were off by 10 hours ffs.I never even played JC 2 on Thursday and yet when I just checked the website today my stats are still wrong.Worthless stat tracking.

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To be a bit off topic I find it funny it says... "there’s a very real chance I might not be physically able to embark on another 80 hour fantasy marathon come next year"....makes me wonder how he got 80 hours out of dragon age,I took my time and finished all the sidequests and it only took me 38 hours.

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Since that way there's no off the wall cursing.That was the biggest problem in the original Yakuza for me..since the gang members always dropped the f bomb constantly during battle in the first yakuza.I'm glad there keeping it the same for Yakuza 3 as they did in Yakuza 2

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Since Yakuza 1 was ruined by English VO since every second word out of random thugs mouths was F**k......which got old real fast.

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It's so damn true ppl cry all the time when a game like nostalgia for the ds comes out.Old school game and ppl are like this is wrong and that is wrong with it.Pisses me off ppl don't complain about every fps being the same damn thing for years.

Also there seems to be a magic in old school rpgs from many years ago that doesn't exist in rpgs today,to explain myself i mean rpgs today i beat once and have no interest in playing it again.Yet my old rpgs from 10+ years ago i still pl...

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The reason is because it seems too many North American gamers are crazy over fps and can't stand to play anything where u can't just aim and shoot.

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It's not like wrpg are any better then jrpgs.Everyone always goes on about how great wrpg are now when there all the same damn thing just like jrpg that ppl complain about now.They all have "Important choices that affect the characters around them crap all the time now"Also the trend that japan has picked up on that I hate the most that wrpg have is terribly short length like Mass Effect was 20 hours thats terrible I'm sorry and we all know ME2 is gonna be the same,Not saying its no...

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GTA 4 was really boring for me personally,once I bet it I had no interest in playing it ever again,which is the first time that ever happened to me playing a GTA game I usually play through each one 3-4 times.

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That's funny ppl disagreed with me considering it was just my opinion and it's not like anyone has to buy what I am going to lol ppl on here sure are funny.I don't plan on buying 4 outta 5 of the games the person above me stated but i never gave him a disagree since It's his/her choice.

Oh ic must be the God of War 3 fanboys, since i put that in my not buying list.

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Mass Effect 2 will be good but like the first one it will be terribly short probably 20-25 hours,While FF13 will be 50-60 hours that alone makes it more worth the money for me.Since almost every rpg this console cycle has been insanely short .I also don't care what ppl say graphics and gameplay are nice but one of the things older rpgs always had over other genres was the massive length which has been completely lost this generation.

PS. I will be buying them both.

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Actually there's only 4 games I'm looking forward to.
1.Final Fantasy 13
2.White Knight Chronicles
3.Mass Effect 2
4.Just Cause 2

5 games I won't be buying
1.Heavy Rain
3.Dante's Inferno
4.Dark Void
5.God of War 3

I've actually bought all the games i want this holiday season.
which do I think will get the best metacritic score is kinda tough to guess, I would assume FF13 should average 90s but s...

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True that i love owning both systems as well

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Why can't they release Tales of Rebirth for the psp or Tales of Destiny 2(not tales of eternia).

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Save Us All! because the apocalypse is at hand

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I'm so sick of DBZ fighting games it feels like there's been like 50 of them in the past 5-6 years,yet back in the nes and snes days they had multiple dbz rpgs ,of course they were Japanese only but lets not kid ourselves anyone who loves dbz and rpgs has played them one way or another.

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I heard a Legend of Dragoon rumor last year and was like meh i don't want to get too excited but now i can let it all out,I'm so happy another LoD is coming out since i really enjoyed the first one i wonder will it be a direct sequel or be a whole new game world with new characters.

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Oh how fun to drive in my car and listen to the radio yeah that makes a great game.

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