CRank: 5Score: 21130

GT5P: 5 million
GT5: 400.000

Only 4.6 million left until Sony can sell some new consoles!

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8.9/9 is indeed a great score.

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What does the 9/10 have to do with gt5s metacritic score. Dance Central got above 9/10 from Gameinformer.

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Kinect games getting practically the same metacritic scores as one of the most anticipated ps3 exclusives ever? Gran Turismo 5 almost the same as Alan Wake, a new ip that was considered a failure because it had been in development for so long...

My god. Oh well. Now wait for the ps3 slim slim to rescue the ps3!

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BattleAxe: More people own a 360, so there is a better chance that whenever a console is mentioned in the media it will be an xbox.

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despair: Ok, so ps2 games should be rated the same in graphics as 360-games. And 10$ games should be rated the same as 60$ games in replay value and longevity. GOTCHA!

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Bu bu bu the xbox360 had a head start!

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Give the fans what they want Microsoft. Some discs are bound to be stolen when you're holding out on the most anticipated game ever.

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Really stupid money hat by Sony. According to 100 % of Sony Fans everyone that doesn't have a 360 already played this on PC. Mass Effect 2 was never a true exclusive.

The lolz when reading about people stating otherwise is lovely though.

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Best game this year for sure, definitely the best downloadable one!

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If this isn't news 4 GAMERS then I don't know what is!

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"In arguably the month's biggest disappointment, Naughty Dog's PS3 debut, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, not only failed to show up in the top ten software sales for November, but only managed 117,000 sales, according to the NPD Group, during the two weeks it was available last month."

New IPs never sell well, especially when not released during the holiday season. That doesn't mean they can't be great games, both Uncharted and Alan Wake are.

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Do you laugh at the Kevin Butler ads?

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I think that it is really surprising that she uses that phrase when MS execs use it all the time. People like Kinect better! Suck it up.

700+ RT

Move well... less than 100.

Google Trender


So basically what he's saying is that Natal is so great that it's a waste that it is only used on games.

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It looked really fun popping those balloons with the MOVE-controller. I understand what Sony meant when they said that you couldn't play the MOVE-games without a controller.

... Oh, wait.

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zuperior verzion

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So if it got 25 9's and a few 8's that would make it a 9.1 average? Lol you made my day.

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The rest of the company would have posted a profit if you took out the gaming division. So yeah, it's the yen´s fault.

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Selling better for a year when a new sku is released and the price drops by 100$ (A move which made the entire company show negative numbers) is to be expected. Watch the 360 rise in sales when Halo: Reach, Gears 3 and Natal is released.

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