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Because they're stupid.

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Hey, I'll PAY for extra tracks! I don't need them to be free! I just need them to be available!

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I've been very disappointed in the lack of additional tracks for this game. Especially city tracks. Ridiculous.

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It already is the dominant choice. That doesn't mean dedicated consoles should go away.

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Lol well, as a primarily PlayStation gamer I can tell you unequivocally that I am not weeping over Starfield.

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Has this guy ever met a microphone he didn't love?

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Barrier of entry. Everyone has a phone and most games are either very cheap or F2P.

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I believe in the power of silence. STFU about the cloud already!

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"Developers can’t even take advantage of what we have at the minute"

Not to play devils advocate but, unless you're a developer who's worked on these dev kits, how do you know this?

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Same. I play No Man's Sky, GT7, and Beat Saber almost every day.

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So they went from selling no XSX consoles to 1000. Good job MS!

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Looks gnarly as hell!

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Here's the thing. I'd much rather buy something like this that allows me to play the library I already have on the go, rather than a new proprietary platform with its own proprietary library of games I'd have to support. I simply don't have the time or the money for that. I already game on PS5 and Switch. I'm not supporting yet another platform.

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Well considering we are 3-1/2 years into the generation, nice to know that MS finally decided to join the race.

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I simply don't understand why in 2023, devices such as this must continue to skimp on using OLED for the panel. It's not like OLED is new tech or anything. It's been around well over 10 years now. OLED should be so ubiquitous by now that the price difference between it and LCD should be negligible.

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He's full of crap. You cannot build a PC for 600 that "rocks" the PS5 unless you find some sucker willing to sell dirt cheap out of desperation. You might can build something close to on par with PS5 for 600 but not smoke it.

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Don't confuse social media backlash with the the real world. This thing will sell in droves! Everyone complained about the GTA trilogy that released not having any new features, yet it sold nearly 20 million copies. We are the minority when it comes to entirety of the gaming market. This will sell 10 million + easily.

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Let's wait for sales results before making this proclamation.

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How do mods work on a console? Like, can anyone use this mod? If so, how?

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