Time to dance


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Before cheats used to be free. Now you have to pay for not having to input a code.

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Yes they should. Complete with hammy acting.

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I think it's inevitable that problems occur one way or another with console launches but hopefully Sony will play a smarter game this time.

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Extended warranty cost the big M 1billion usd. I doubt they will want a repeat.

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Not the Resi of old. Soneone please make a proper old school style survival horror game.

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Never going to happen. Companies are too greedy.

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It's all about teh graphics for most people.

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Gamers should complain about everything as much as they can and maybe mountains can be moved.

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It does nothing for the game but must be fun for the model makers and animators.

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This is a sign of current gaming and has happened to many once great franchises.

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You wont be able to pull off those moves on pro difficulty. The demo is set for noobs.

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Steel Battalion HA was already killed before it could begin by not having a controller only option as well. We need a new Mechwarrior game.

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This is where sony had the edge, by showing off actual gameplay.

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The last of us had me hooked but they showed too little.

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No one else is actually talking about this game. Maybe because its not all that. But still. Wow u joined n4g just to moan at msxbox.

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A strong line up of games that all three showcased during their presentations.

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Sounds about right to me.

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I approve big butts but not out of context.

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Microsoft probably thinks this is really cool where gamers cant get enough of these promotions. *Sigh*.

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Im old school and wish for the old open maps but can still appreciate the change of direction.

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