Time to dance


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And people complained about MGS V being short.

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What a weird looking game. Looks fun although not sure what was going on at the end with that loop.

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The two versions are close but not that close. Ea just want to hype their game to the max. Nothing new about that. If they wanted sales it should have been a multi format release.

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Still waiting for the killer kinect game then. Looks like it's never going to happen at this rate.

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I look forward to this. Thanks.

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Looks really nice but seems devoid of anything at the moment. Looking at the kickstarter page and this game needs a lot more funding to add basics like a survival mode.

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Looks ok but not as good as the original Sky planner.

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Really nice looking game alongside Shadow Fall. The two games justify the ps4 purchase now for anyone saying there are no games for the system.

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Nice vid. That multi no scope shot was pretty epic.

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A few hours. But then again. I am a fan. I was merely highlighting that this video doesn't really help the argument against how short the game is.

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The video might be longer than all the speed run videos but 43 minutes is still very short.

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Black flag felt pretty fresh to me despite not being a true Assassin game. There's no need to kill the series if people in their millions still buy it.

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This game is only worth it fot those who like to 100 per cent games and collect achievements or trophies. Any one else is going yo feel disappointed with the lacking content when compared to other games.

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Not sure about kinect and VR as gamers really need tactile feedback. Its what we're all used to since day one. If kinect is used in conjunction with a controller then there are possibilities.

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The gap is pretty huge and can easily be seen in the first video even on YouTube. That said, the gameplay of a few hours is the same across all systems.

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I enjoyed most of this game aside from the rather poor ending. I think many scored low out of disappointment than rubbish gameplay alone.

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Fox engine is cool and all but there are some oddities especially on last gen systems where the frame rate becomes an issue at times. Looks mint on PS4 but some textures are not great.

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Quite a few people are getting this error message according to Twitch.

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False claims. The video is only 18 minutes. Jk.

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This game is pretty deep and will require quite a bit of time investment. I do like the quick options they have included but the real creative spark comes from going deep with the tools provided.

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