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English dictionary:

Main Entry: bar
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Forms: barred ; bar·ring
1 : to keep out : EXCLUDE bar the items from sale>
2 : to prevent from doing or accomplishing (something) bar

to prevent or hinder: They barred her entrance to the club.


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Some good motion capture and shadowing detail in the club but we've seen these sorts of scenes many times before in video games. From Mass Effect to Duke Nukem Forever.

Developers need to be a bit more imaginative to peak my interest.

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Great headline.

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Facts are facts, PS3 gamers are not bothering to pre-order one of their most hotly anticipated games whereas Xbox 360 gamers are.

Why is that? I would have thought they'd have equal interest.

GAMESTOP - top sellers


Uncharted 3 not on the list at all whereas lots of unreleased multiplatform games ar...

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I mean how is this possible playing solo offline combat training?

Yes, it's possible via split screen but what about solo play?

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How is this possible?

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Good. I hated the fact that Combat Training in Black Ops wasn't available to mess around with offline.

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The only thing Activision are "worried" or concerned about is how many sales they'll get.

They seem to not care how they get those sales.

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He even says this later on in the interview. Go figure.

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I'll be getting this as a break from the usual FPS on offer.

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PETA wasn't around in Stalingrad and WWII and this is supposed to be modern day warfare, not guerilla warfare.

Thanks for the history lesson though.

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Why the secrecy then? Bowling could have simply said yes we're including 3D support.

There have been a few games now where 3D is exclusive to the PS3, so perhaps Sony will do a deal much like MS has with the DLC timed exclusive.

Remember although the publisher is Activision, Black Ops was developed by Treyarch and MW3 is being developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer.

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First game is well worth picking up. You might miss some references but I bet it's all explained as it is in the trailer.

Death's out to redeem his Brother War, who created a false apocalypse and killed mankind and is now severely punished.

Death needs to restore mankind otherwise he's out of a job! hehe.

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Well said to above comments and Tenchu with proper HD visuals would be great.

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That's one long ass reply but I like it.

I agree with everything you said.

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*In piratey voice "Nevarrrrrgghhh!"

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Epic says a lot of things.

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Did you even look at the figures. Gears of War 3 had loads of pre-orders 6 months or more before release. Same with Mass effect 3 etc. Your reasoning is somewhat flawed.

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Wasn't Bungie a first party developer at one point? I'm not sure who owns the Uncharted franchise whether it's Sony or ND. Wasn't Crash Bandicoot a Sony exclusive at one point, and this then went multiplatform? perhaps back then ND weren't bought by Sony.

And no, I just submit from there that's all.

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So, because you disagree with the person's right to an opinion you resort to name calling and abuse?

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